Kapil Dev Wants People To Stay Home And Stay Safe

Kapil Dev
Image Source: Twitter.com

Kapil Dev: “Stay Home And Help The Authorities”

As India is facing lock-down due to corona pandemic one of the greatest all-rounders in cricket and former player Kapil Dev has advised people to stay home, which greatly helps the authorities to combat the virus.

He said, speaking to a sports magazine, about the lockdown, “The two words that have become the lifeline for mankind and should be drilled into minds of citizens. You are supposed to stay at home. So stay at home. It is the least one can do to help the competent and relevant authorities to fight this life-threatening virus.”

The record wicket-taking bowler has further added, “It can be taken in a positive way. Lock Down or Stay at Home. You have to challenge yourself to accept this situation. You have the world inside your home – your family. You have a means of entertaining yourself – books, TV, music. Best is the interaction you have with your family members.”

He also said he likes doing different activities when free,” I sweep the house, clean the garden. My little garden is my golf course. I am getting to spend so much time with my family. Something that I had missed in the last so many years. I give the cook a break. I cook for everyone. I take turns to do the dishes. I had learned all this when playing in England when Romi would join me.”

“People will Learn Lessons From Difficult Situations”

He praised Indian culture saying,” India’s strength lies in our culture – looking after each other and caring for elders. We have to look to help the seniors. I know we will win this battle by staying together and strengthening the hands of our government and doctors by staying indoors.”

He also remarked that people learn lessons from tough situations and will get habituated to wash hands and keep in mind not to spit or urinate in public.


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