Kuldeep Is Gearing Up To Impress In The Sri Lanka Tour With A New Approach- Says His Childhood Coach

Why Kuldeep Yadav Was Not Selected For T20 World Cup In 2021
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Kuldeep Yadav was previously considered one of the best spinners for India’s international team. Many people throughout the world praised his partnership with spinner Yuzvendra Chahal, also known as “KulCha.” Kuldeep Yadav, on the other hand, had recently reached a hard spell in his career and was having some difficulties. He was left off of India’s WTC final list, which will play England in a five-match series. let’s discuss Kapil Dev Pandey about Kuldeep.

However, it was expected that he would get his chance during India’s white-ball series in Sri Lanka, and that is exactly what happened. In a recent turn of events, Kuldeep’s childhood coach said that the England tour refusal had caused him to become more focused on his bowling. And, with a new tour on the line, he’s prepared with a new variation.

Kapil Dev Pandey about Kuldeep

Kuldeep is pitching all of his googlies on nice lengths with a lot of turns. “For the last seven or eight days, when the lockdown rules have been relaxed, we have been working on his bowling, especially on his googly.

“Kuldeep’s biggest strength is his googly. It has always been his wicket-taking delivery, but he has not been able to bowl it at a good length in recent times. He was bowling one too many loose balls. Kuldeep has worked on it, and he is pitching all his googlies on good lengths and is getting a good amount of turn and purchase as well,” said Yadav’s childhood coach Kapil Dev Pandey in a chat with India Today.

The coach of the 26-year-old also stated that he has always been a wicket-taker. He’s only given up runs on a few times, and he’s now working on his stock delivery to keep an eye on the run flow. He wants his overs to be really tight, in addition to creating significant breakthroughs for his team.

“Kuldeep has always been a wicket-taker and has gone for runs a few times, but now he wants to add another dimension to his bowling. Kuldeep is also working on his stock delivery to check the run flow in the middle overs. Although taking wickets is his priority, he wants to be economical as well,” the coach concluded.

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