Kane Williamson Applauds Health Workers Fight Against Corona

New Zealand Squad For WTC Final 2021
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“We Are So Grateful To Them”

New Zealand captain Kane Williamson has applauded the healthcare professionals of his country and said they are the people who understand what it is to be under pressure, a word often used to refer situations in sports.

The middle-order batsman writing for the New Zealand Herald has mentioned how important the role of the doctor’s nurses and other health care workers who are at the forefront is in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Williamson observed,” Events of the past few days have made it clear we’re living through a health crisis the likes of which we’ve never seen. There will no doubt be times in the coming days when the scale of what we’re facing will seem overwhelming.”

“We’re so grateful you have our backs. People talk about the pressure sportsmen, and women are under to perform, but the truth is we get to do something we love every day for a living. We play games.” he continued.

New Zealand has so far reported 262 confirmed cases of the virus though nobody has died from the disease.

He noted,” “Real pressure is working to save lives. Real pressure is going into work each day while putting your safety on the line for the good of others.”

“The Whole Country Is Behind You”

The relaxed and composed captain also noted that he wanted the health care workers to know that the entire country is standing in solidarity with them during these turbulent times.

“It’s an enormous responsibility that can only be carried out by the best kind of people: those who put the greater good ahead of all else. As Black Caps, we know how amazing it feels to have the support of a country behind you.

“In that same vein, we need you to know you’re not alone. We want you to know that there’s a whole country behind you,” he added.

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