Justin Langer: Fans Pose As Room Service To Take Selfies In India

Justin Langer: Fans Pose As Room Service To Take Selfies In India
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Justin Langer’s Some Interesting Statement:

The enthusiasm of the fans of the Indian cricket is awesome and they can go every extent for the sport. Justin Langer, the Australia coach has come to India multiple times in his carrier, both as a coach and as a player. In the Amazon Prime documentary ‘ The Test: A New Era For Australia’s Team’, he shared certain attractive stories.

The Baggy Greens coach, Langer said that “ Yes, I love India for 1st some weeks and then after some time it gets a small claustrophobic honestly because of Indian likes cricket so much that the only haven you can have is your bedroom or in your changing room”.

Justin Langer also described how it is a usual thing for an Indian fan to knock at their hotel doors and pose as room service to take selfies with the players. “In the hotel room also, it is common for some people to knock at your door as fake room service and tell for selfies. It is really relentless.”

Nathan Coulter-Nile:

Fast bowler of Australia Nathan Coulter-Nile also said about the passion and knowledge of the Indian fans. He said that “Indians just love cricket, if you perform well, they love you, but if you don’t, then they don’t even know you.”

Glenn Maxwell:

Australia and India, both the countries enjoy a healthy competition on the cricket ground but the Indian Premier League (IPL) has made certain Australia players very famous in India. Among those, Glenn Maxwell is the one, who has played for different teams and the fans are in love with him.

Maxwell also expressed his experiences in India and said that he feels sorry to upset the fans. He said that “It is tough to deal with so many fans, there are 10 people to take a photo with you, then another 10, but you can’t satisfy all the fans, always gonna dishearten someone.”


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