Javed Miandad: No Pakistan batsman can play for Australia, England, India


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Javed Miandad Straight Forward Nature:

Former skipper of Pakistan, Javed Miandad is the same on the field as he was off the field, straight forward in nature. He is one of the most successful batsmen of Pakistan.

On Wednesday (18-03-2020), he shoots into the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) for providing permission to commit mistakes to ‘non-performing’ players. In his youtube channel, he said that none of the Pakistan players can find a place in the teams like England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and India.

He added that “ Although we have bowlers, none in the batting line-up. None of the Pakistan batsmen can play in these outstanding teams”.

“ The whole world is running on a daily basis. Today, score runs, earn the money and go. If you will score tomorrow, we will pay you again. All you are professional, if you don’t score runs then you shouldn’t take money. This is the work of PCB. They have to ensure that no player can take the Pakistan cricket team for granted”. He further said.

All these things he was speaking in reply to the Pakistan batsman Ahmed Shahzad’s saying about preparing to represent Pakistan for another 12 years.

In an exclusive interview, Shahzad told to Cricket Pakistan that “ Considering my skill and fitness, I think, I am fit to represent Pakistan for another 12 years and there is no doubt in this.”

Miandad replied that “ You can play not only 12 years, but also 20 years, but you have to perform. If you perform on a daily basis, nobody will drop you from your team. Cricketers get dropped from the team when they can’t perform or can’t handle the pressure.”

He added that “ Any player shouldn’t give such kind of careless statement and let their performance says on the field”.

“ Countries such as Australia and England select players on a series basis. Even if you scored 500 runs in the last series, they forget. But Pakistan is the only national team where you get 10 innings chance after scoring a century. Players keep deteriorating but they don’t care. That’s why the team has a lot of issues”.

“You can take the example of India. Their players score 70,80, 100 and 200, which is called performance but none of our players can play in top-class teams of the world”. He disappointed.


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