After 1st ODI, Jasprit Bumrah receives a very special prize from the ECB: The Ball Of The Match

Jasprit Bumrah Receives a Special Prize
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Jasprit Bumrah Receives a Special Prize: Tuesday was a memorable day for Jasprit Bumrah. With his greatest ODI stats, he utterly demolished England. Bumrah was presented with a Special Gift by the England Cricket Board after scoring a magic haul of 19/6, (ECB). The match ball, which the champion bowler used to wreak havoc in the English ranks, was presented to him.

Bumrah intends to keep his special gift in his monumental exhibition “quite near.”

He sent it to Twitter with the caption “Keeping this close.” The fast bowler was at the peak of his effectiveness on Tuesday, so it was a great event for him. The match bowl that was handed to him had the numbers “7.2/3/19/6” on it.

This demonstrated the player’s supremacy as he bowled three debut overs and took six wickets in just over seven overs. Unexpectedly, the hitters only managed to score six runs,13 total, from Bumrah’s overs since six of the runs nineteen came from wide balls.

The word “The Oval” was also written on the ball as a timely reminder of the location where he recorded his triumphant numbers.

When Bumrah returned to the dressing room after finishing the England innings, he was given a “Guard of honor.” As a sign of mockery, the Mumbai Indians’ fast bowler was ordered to lead the squad to the dressing room.

Bumrah was applauded by the spectators and players at the Oval Cricket Stadium who were standing in the hallway leading to the changing room as he led the Indian squad inside.
As India subsequently won the match courtesy of Rohit Sharma’s outstanding batting, the numbers helped England keep them to a low score of 110.

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