It Seems Like One-Sided Battle Ever: IPL V Rest Of The World


Sometimes cricket seems like it survives in a bubble.  But the bubble is nearly real, in both ways strangely soothing and darkly symbolic. The cricket players in the bubble have been getting familiar with the new cricketing world. There will be no usage of spit and saliva on the ball. Other details are yet to be decided. Empty stadiums, sanitizer use, and many more are included in the list. Some cricketers are saying maybe these bans are working out in shorter formats like T20Is and ODIs, but working out in Test cricket would be difficult as after 20-30 overs, the ball loss its shining side. It is also transformations for broadcasters to whom cricket is a very big hock.

The bubbles are bursting with the news from BBC that it has chosen not to renew the Test match contract of Geoff Boycott. Although on this occasion, it is not a big thing, Boycott’s starting dyspeptic tweet, which is further deleted by him agreeing on the fact that it was up to him being “male, white, straight, tory” recommended he was finding for somebody to blame. Maybe timed-out can be a better option of making this particular dismissal? Sir Geoffery has been a representative from another time, but as the whole world is involved in the Black Lives Matter protests and cricket players have to express their own problems around race- you may understand that BBC summed and took the decision that Yorkshiremen are one group of persons not currently short on any depiction.

In the upcoming weeks, with the probability of cricket resuming, we all very soon can see schedules and big matches on our TV screens. Now, the biggest controversy everyone wants to see the Indian Premier League (IPL) Vs the Rest of the world. It is been a very long time since the cash-rich T20I tournament, IPL steeped into the ring with the world-famous cricket stars, but BCCI chairman Brijesh Patel has now said that they are looking at the September-October window to reschedule the event. Also, he added that all it depends upon the fate of the Asia Cup and the T20 World Cup.

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