He’s Rhythm was Not The Reason for the loss: Nehra on Ishant

Ishant Sharma
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In the 3rd Test match versus England at Headingley, Ishant Sharma did not have a fantastic day with the ball. Sharma failed to take a single wicket in the 22 overs he produced in the Test, and he also surrendered more than 4 runs per over, Former Indian bowler Ashish Nehra Has give statement on Ishant shrama’s Form. following only one Test match would be unfair. The former Indian left-arm bowler said that someone asked him if Sharma had performed his last Test for India at Headingley and that he was shocked by the remark.

Nehra went on to say that Ishant Sharma’s ability cannot be assessed just on one game and that India would not want to explore new bowlers in each and every Test match.

“It will be too harsh on Ishant Sharma if we judge and discuss his place in the side after just one Test match. Somebody asked me yesterday, was Headingley Test Ishant Sharma’s last? I was very surprised that somebody even asked me that question”.

“You can’t judge someone like an Ishant Sharma on one game performance. Yes, we have good four-five bowlers and there is a competition there but you don’t want to see a different bowler in every Test match,” said Nehra in an Interaction.

Ishant Sharma is not really the reason India dropped the Test match: Nehra

Although Jasprit Bumrah and Ravindra Jadeja, according to Ashish Nehra, bowl the occasional no-ball, exactly like Ishant. Ishant Sharma is not really the reason India dropped the Test match, according to Nehra, who admitted that Sharma was not in his greatest form at Headingley.

Sharma lost the first Test match suffering discomfort, but the experienced right-arm bowler was back in the rhythm in the 2nd Test match at Lord’s Cricket Ground, according to Nehra. Hardly time can tell when Ravichandran Ashwin would replace Ishant Sharma for the 4th match, according to the former Indian cricketer.

“Ishant is someone who bowls a no-ball here and there so do Jasprit Bumrah and Ravindra Jadeja. Yes, according to me, Ishant Sharma wasn’t looking in the best of the rhythms. We lost that Test match so we are discussing that more. Ishant’s rhythm was not the reason we lost it”.

But don’t forget he missed the first game because of a niggle. In the second, it took him a while but because of experience of playing more than 100 Tests, he got back to his groove quickly and had a good Lord’s Test. Because of conditions in Oval, we might want Ashwin to get a game in place of a fast bowler, whether it is in place of Ishant or Siraj, only time will tell,” concluded Ashish Nehra.

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