Ishant Sharma’s Old Insta Post Proves Darren Sammy’s Claims

Darren Sammy Ishant Sharma

Former West Indies captain, Darren Sammy was part of the IPL franchise Sunrisers Hyderabad in the 2013 and 2014 season. During those leagues at the SRH camp, he claimed that many teammates called him ‘Kalu’. Sammy stated that previously he didn’t know the real meaning of the word ‘Kalu’ and he thought that it was used to encourage the team’s spirit as whenever that word used everyone around laughs.

But now Darren Sammy knows the real meaning of that word and he posted an Instagram story where certain teammates of SRH called him with that particular word. On Sunday he demanded an apology from his ex-team members for that. In his post, he quoted that the cricketers, who used to call him ‘Kalu’ should apologize to him.

Sammy stated “I was noticing the statements of Hasan Minhaj regarding how some people in culture explain Black people. This doesn’t relevant to every person, but I realize this due to something I experienced. I was feeling very much angry when I heard that person explaining the word. It was felt not at all in a good way, it was humiliating.”

He added “I always there to strengthen the team- not to bring it down. All those persons, who called me by that name, you know yourself. Some of you have my Instagram, Twitter, and my number. Let’s talk. In case it was in the way that Minhaj explained, then I am very much disappointed. I am angry and deserve an apology. Talk to me and reach out to me.”

Ishant Sharma’s old Instagram post steals the spotlight

After the Instagram post of Darren Sammy went viral, the old Instagram post of Ishant Sharma went viral in which Ishant Sharma quoted, “Me, Bhuvi, Kaluu and Gun sunrisers.” In this post, it can be seen that Ishant Sharma used to call Sammy as Kalu. By seeing this post, it is clear that in the Sunrisers Hyderabad camp, there was racial discrimination.

Ishant Sharma's Instagram post
Ishant Sharma’s Instagram post.


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