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Huge battle for the Indian Premier League Media rights today!

The BCCI is holding an E-auction for the Indian Premier League media rights for the first time. On Sunday, June 12th, at 11 a.m., the E-auction process commenced. BCCI has previously issued an Invitation To Tender (ITT) to a total of 12 different firms. Here in this article, we talk about IPL Media Rights Auction.

However, five of those firms have pulled out of the bidding process. This has left only seven organizations to compete against each other for the Indian Premier League media rights.

The following is the reserve pricing for all the buckets. The reserve price for India’s television rights is Rs. 18,130 crores. For India, the reserve price for digital rights is Rs. 12,210 crores. The reserve fee for 18 non-exclusive matches is 1440 crore. The reserve price for the remainder of the globe category is Rs. 1110 crore.

BCCI has already notified bidders that they should consider an average of 74 matches every season for the next five years. And there could be a total of up to 370 matches. However, the BCCI then reduced the figure. And has also instructed the bidders to consider 74 matches during the first and the second years.

There is suspicion that Amazon is unhappy with the BCCI’s 18-game package for the Indian subcontinent since it removes the digital rights holder’s exclusive aspect.

Going forward, for the third and fourth years, there are 84 matches, and for the fifth year, there are 94 matches.

As a result, the total number of matches has been revised to a solid 410. Previously, the IPL media rights had a collective reserve price of Rs. 32,890 crores. However, the current reserve price is Rs. 36,000 crores, based on the updated number of games.

The BCCI is planning to sell the IPL media rights for the window 2023-2027, and several major corporations are expected to bid. The auction will feature a total of seven major corporations.

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