IPL Governing Council Is All Set To Meet to Discuss Match Timings

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The IPL Governing Council is all set to meet in New Delhi on Monday, January 27. The main agenda is to discuss the match-timings and the schedule for IPL 2020 season.

They have to clarify Rajasthan Royals’ request to play in Guwahati, among other things. The call to change the starting time of evening matches from 8 to 7:30 pm is in focus once again.

The discussion on the starting of the evening matches by 7:30 pm has been in discussion for two seasons now. Star Sports had requested in 2018 for a 7:00 pm start and later changed it to 7:30 pm on the BCCI’s demand. They have again raised a request to the BCCI to reconsider the timings.

Formally or informally, the BCCI has not discussed this with any of the franchises. The live telecast partners demanded, based on the following logic:

  1. An early start followed by an early wrap up (post-match presentation) will significantly increase viewership and help with ratings.
  2. Sponsors of the league and franchises will get more exposure.
  3. Crowds will be able to return early than having to wait until midnight.

According to people close to these developments, “Dew is a major factor under lights and an ambitious start will give one group more leeway than the other. People in urban areas like Mumbai and Bangalore need time in the wake of wrapping up work to arrive at stadiums. All the more significantly, cricket can’t be undermined for TV evaluations.”

Ten Or Nine Teams In IPL?

The Board and its Governing Council are caught up with examining whether one new team or two new ones ought to be added to the IPL ahead of the 2021 version.  Newspapers had revealed the BCCI’s game plans to acquire two new franchises and further elaborated on why just a single new team could be presented for the time being – remembering the accessible window in mind.

“The BCCI is as yet chipping away at it. If new franchises must be presented, why not get both at one proceed to have the 2011 format (74 matches) set up for 2021 and 2022?” state those following advancements.

To begin the league by March 20 and end it with the most recent seven-day stretch of May will give IPL an estimated 60 to 65-day window. Stakeholders said, “74 matches can be effectively played during this time.”

“Either a 2011-kind configuration when teams were divided into two groups or dividing the IPL into two separate windows – with the second 50% of the tournament to be played around October – should be considered if two new teams are presented. Nine teams, until further notice, would’ve given more space in a perfect world,” say sources. Office-bearers of BCCI will also attend the gathering.

Timetable To Be Settled:

Heading into the long stretch of February, the IPL 2020 timetable is as not out yet and one reason behind the postponement is whether to play in Guwahati – a request of Rajasthan Royals team.

Royals are looking to play a few matches outside of Jaipur – a decision arrived at due owing to constraints. “Security concerns should be tended to as well (in Guwahati). The timetable is prepared,” state sources.

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