IPL: 5 Times When Calm Cricketers Got Angry

5 Instances When Calm Cricketers Got Angry During IPL
calm cricketers losing their cool in IPL

IPL is a highly competitive league. Teams are hell-bent on winning the competition at all odds. Owing to the ultra-competitive nature of the tournament, players tend to lose their cool at times. At times players from the same country end up rubbing each other the wrong way. These have led to some highly infamous duels on the cricket field. The best of the players have lost their calm. Lets look at 5 Instances When Calm Cricketers Got Angry During IPL.

5 Instances When Calm Cricketers Got Angry During IPL

#5 Jacques Kallis’s verbal spat with umpires

Jacques Kallis was hardly ever involved in controversy right through his career. But in an IPL game, he did lose his calm for a wee bit. In a match against Pune, Kallis sought a run-out appeal. The strange part of the appeal was that there wasn’t conclusive evidence about the ball making contact with Kallis’s boot. Hence umpire Simon Taufel rejected the plea. Kallis then went on to ask the umpires whether they thought he was a cheat. This was unexpected and unbecoming of a player like Kallis. 

#4 Kane Williamson fuming at Priyam Garg

Sunrisers Hyderabad had lost early wickets in a game against CSK in IPL 2020. Kane Williamson was setting himself up for big innings. His partnership with Priyam Garg was slowly taking shape. But in the 11th over of the innings, the duo had a mixup. It resulted in Williamson losing his wicket over a runout. This made Williamson have a proper go at Garg for failing to respond to a call. The usually calm and collected Williamson lost his cool. It was one of the rarest moments featuring Williamson’s anger.

#3 Rahul Dravid’s duel against Mitchell Johnson

Rahul Dravid was considered to be the epitome of calmness. He hardly ever lost his cool. But in a highly intense contest against Mumbai Indians, Dravid did lose his cool. Dravid had driven Mitchell Johnson down the ground. Johnson had a few words to say to Dravid. This irked Dravid. He went on to have a go at Johnson. Dravid gave a terrific response to Johnson smashing him for consecutive boundaries. It was fun seeing Dravid all flared up.

#2 Jos Buttler’s reaction towards Ashwin

IPL 2019 saw a controversy of huge magnitude. Ravichandran Ashwin mankaded Jos Buttler in a game featuring Punjab and Rajasthan. Buttler who had no business stealing yards from the other end was disgusted. He questioned Ashwin’s integrity post the dismissal. Ashwin to his credit had done nothing wrong. He was well within the rights of the game to do that. But this dismissal created a furore across social media. Buttler who normally doesn’t show a lot of emotions surely let himself go at Ashwin that day.

#1 MS Dhoni’s on-field barge to correct a decision 

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is regarded as one of the coolest minds in the game. He is popularly called Captain cool for his ability to soak pressure. But in a game against the Royals, emotions got better off him. Dhoni was standing by the wayside near the dugout watching the on-field action. A seemingly wrong umpiring howler made Dhoni storm into the field and question the umpire’s logic. This incident left a sour taste on the minds of cricketing fans. 

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