IPL 2021: Indian Fans Thrash BCCI As VIVO Returns As IPL Title Sponsors


Chinese brand Vivo has returned as the title sponsors of the Indian Premier League in 2021. Dream11 replaced Vivo as IPL’s title sponsors in the 2020 edition of the league citing the on-going tension between India and China. However, it looks like Vivo has been dragged back as the title sponsors of the cash-rich league for the upcoming season. BCCI was forced to terminate their contract with Vivo following the spoiled relations in the Indo-China border.

IPL 2021: Vivo returns as IPL’s title sponsor

Now that Vivo is back as the IPL’s key sponsors within a phase of 6 months, netizens are assuming that India will also lift their ban on TikTok. TikTok, which was one of the most used apps in India, was also banned by the Indian government in 2020. TikTok, which also a by-product of a Chinese company, came into the radar of the Indian government when things started heating up between the two countries.

Many Indians applauded the government’s decision to ban the app. Nevertheless, the return of Vivo has left many questioning about the government’s intention about the implied ban. Twitteratis are assuming that the Indian hierarchies might soon lift the ban on TikTok as well.

Netizens react to return of Vivo

Vivo signed a deal of five years with BCCI for a total of 2190 crore INR. Vivo was set to pay a grand amount of 440 crores INR each year to BCCI. However, Dream11 barged into the scene in 2020 and replaced Vivo as the primary sponsors. Dream11 paid a resplendent sum of 222 crores for being IPL’s sponsor in 2020. As per reports, Dream11 had to outbid Vivo if they wished to secure their title rights for the upcoming season as well.


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