IPL 2020: Final Match Set To Take Place On May 24

Australian players might be told to stay away from IPL
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Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) is set to kickstart from March 29. Now, it is confirmed that the grand finale of the league is scheduled for May 24th. The venue for the first match is yet to be announced.

A source has confirmed that the 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League is planned to be played over 57 days.

Games finished way into midnight in the Last IPL Season

It has been a matter of discussion about the timings of the upcoming IPL 2020 matches. In the previous matches, it was an issue going back home after the game.

Also considering the traffic in the metro cities, it might be a problem for the people to leave their offices and then reach the stadium if match timings are early as 6 in the evening.

Based on this, it looks more probable that the matches will start at 7:30 P.M., which means there might be almost a certain time when the matches start.

There was an issue about the TRPs in the previous matches and it has to be considered to decide on changing the match timings. The full itinerary isn’t ready.

Longer Windows, No Double-Headers In IPL.

The 57-day window shows that it is most likely that there will be no need for any doubleheaders.

As the host broadcaster has asked to get rid of the afternoon fixtures but the source agreed and believed that it was not just the broadcasters who faced problems with this issue but also the franchises.

So for the benefit of everyone, they decided that it is best to avoid afternoon games and focus on one game a day.

The most awaited and fancied game in India is about to begin this year, Indian Premier League IPL 2020. Stay updated for the highlights.


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