IPL 2020 Final Likely To Be Postponed From November 08 to 10 – Report


IPL 2020 Is Scheduled To Start From September 19:

The Board of Control for Cricket in India ( BCCI) is looking to postpone the final from November 08 to 10 after scheduling the launch of the Indian Premier League ( IPL) 2020 season from 26 to 19 September. The move is being considered to get the Indian cricket team to depart directly from the UAE instead of a pit stop in India for their tour of Australia.

However, the start date is unlikely to be changed which means that if the date of the summit clash is changed, the duration of the tournament will increase from 51 days to 53 days. The talks are currently at the preliminary stage, and the final decision on the change in dates will be taken at the IPL Governing Council meeting on August 02.

The 10th of November, which is a Tuesday, also comes in the Diwali week which will also please Star Sports, the broadcaster. Nonetheless, the primary explanation for the move is the promise made to Cricket Australia that will see the Indian players escape a return home and board the flight directly to Down Under.

Given the fact that there will be a small number of players occupied before the final, only those who have been released from their IPL obligations will not be able to leave home and stay in the UAE.

“Even if the players are left without any matches from the IPL, they will stay in the UAE and take part in a camp there,” a leading media house sources quoted. “The majority of the players busy playing the league’s final knockout matches will join the others as soon as the IPL is finished and the entire squad will travel together from there.”

The new arrangement means that the Indian players will not be home for the rest of the year, beginning in mid-August, when they are scheduled to join their IPL teammates for their respective Middle East training camps.

The move is not expected to please everyone considering the presence of bio-secure protocols means that even during the IPL or Australia series, players will not be able to meet their family members. Such extended time without any physical family contact could affect player morale.


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