India’s ‘Article 370’ Bans Pakistan From Broadcasting The ENG Vs PAK Series- Fawad Chaudhary

Why Telecast of ENG vs PAK Series Banned in Pakistan
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The political tensions between India and Pakistan are well-known, and they continue to have an equal impact on both countries. While the men in green prepare to fly to England for a white-ball series in July, it has been revealed that Pakistani fans watch the game live. On July 8, Pakistan’s government rejected a proposal to team up with an Indian company to broadcast the upcoming series live on television. Stay with us to know the reason Why Telecast of ENG vs PAK Series Banned in Pakistan

The decision was made in view of the current state of political tension between the two countries. Fawad Chaudhary, Pakistan’s Minister of Information, informed the press following a cabinet meeting in which Pakistan Television (PTV) proposed that the government to sign the deal with Star and Sony.

The relations with India would not be resolved until ‘Article 370’ is removed- Fawad Chaudhary

 “The cabinet has rejected the request of PTV to sign an agreement with Star and Sony to air the England-Pakistan cricket series,” – Fawad Said.

With the implementation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, India’s relationship with Pakistan effected. Imran Khan’s government has made it clear, according to Chaudhary, that relations with India would not be resolved until the same article is removed.

“Our ties with India cannot be normalized until those actions are withdrawn,” Fawad added.

“Pakistan TV would face a huge financial loss as a result of the series”- Fawad

According to Chaudhary, Star and Sony have a lock on broadcasting rights in South Asian countries, and the series cannot be broadcast in Pakistan resulting in a lack of agreement. According to reports, Khan is attempting to find a compromise on this matter and is in talks with the ECB and other foreign companies to obtain broadcasting rights.

According to reports, PTV would face a significant financial loss as a result of the series’ failure to telecast in Pakistan. A series is a high-profile event that will include three ODIs and as many T20Is, with supporters from both countries eagerly waiting for the action. These are the reasons Why Telecast of ENG vs PAK Series Banned in Pakistan

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