India W vs Srilanka W: Women’s Broadcasting Crises Hover the Series.

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Indian women’s squad is all prepared to face Sri Lanka in a three-match ODI and three-game T20 series commencing Thursday. After the Women’s World Cup, the women’s team’s series will mark their first overseas experience. However, a concerning development is that no broadcaster has picked up rights to stream the matches to be played between the two teams. India W vs Srilanka W T20 Series

Srilanka is going through a major crisis. The country is struggling with economical and political adversities. Amidst this, cricket became a source of distraction for the audience. We saw smiles and tears of joy as the Srilanka Men’s team won the ODI series against mighty Australia which the majority of people had thought of. The games were broadcasted to different countries and it sure provided entertainment. But if cricket is a source of joy for the country, is there any disparity evolving out of the cricket that is more famous with men’s and women’s competing on the world platform?

The Sri Lanka Cricket CEO Ashley DeSilva confirmed, according to news agencies, that the series’ rights have not been purchased by any broadcaster, and the management intends to stream the matches live on their official YouTube account.

The steps are being taken by ICC and other cricket boards to bring more gender neutrality to the game. Instead of Batsmen or Batswomen, we have officially started calling them ‘Batters’. A great effort but is it sufficient? India and Srilanka women will play the ODI and T20I series. There are high chances of our explosive batters reaching records but there is no opportunity to cheer the talent live considering the dearth of support from the broadcasters. It will all be hearsay.

The efforts made by both boards to host the series are much appreciated but there could be efforts to at least make it available for the viewers who have an interest in watching women’s cricket OR to build their interest in it. Can we observe any blame game going on in the coming future? Who should be made responsible? Boards, Broadcasters or fans? 

It is not just that women’s cricket is being ignored, there are other cricket-playing countries that are finding it difficult to find Broadcasters. Fans could not enjoy the first test being played between West Indies and Bangladesh due to Broadcasting issues. This leads us to question the whole broadcasting system and fans’ intention as to what they want to show and what we want to watch. Are we just focusing on big guns and ignoring the ‘Cricket’ being played by others? Something to ponder on. 


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