Imam ul Haq Breaks Silence On ‘He Always Criticized For No Matter’

Imam ul Haq Breaks Silence
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Imam-ul-Haq has discussed his session versus Australia, the pitch conditions, and the forthcoming 2nd Test match in Karachi facing Australia. Finally, Imam ul Haq Breaks Silence On ‘He Always Criticized For No Matter’

The historical Test series featuring Australia and Pakistan had a lot of spectators on the edge of their seats until the first match in Rawalpindi ended in a foggy tie, which upset a lot of spectators. The pitch drew a lot of controversies since it had hardly anything to provide pacers and runs were abundant under the same conditions. In order to flourish amid challenging rivals, Pakistan batsman Imam-ul-Haq left nothing unturned.

I will not reveal the reason behind it: Imam-ul-Haq

He shone with back-to-back hundreds and credited his family for the accomplishment. After making his one-year Test return, the left-handed hitter said his domestic spell allowed him to put up a spectacular display in front of Australia. Unfortunately, many people were unconvinced by his performance, which he responded by saying that he is seemed to getting all types of criticisms.

After more than a year away from the Pakistan Test squad, Imam returned to the squad. He put up impressive performances against the strong Australian bowling outfit. Many, though, expressed doubts, citing the pitch conditions as “flat” and “unsuitable for pacers.”

“Nobody wants a draw. The curators did not prepare the pitch on my orders nor is he my relative. Cricket Australia also does not curate pitches on our advice when we tour Australia either. Every team curates pitches based on their strengths. It does not matter the type of pitch, my job is to perform”, said Imam.

“I am always criticized no matter if I am on the team or not. I am not sad about the criticism because my job is to perform. It is up to the management to decide whether my runs in the Rawalpindi Test match are quality or not. The sign after scoring the century was for the captain and my teammates. However, I will not reveal the reason behind it,” he added.

Although being with the Pakistan squad for more than 5 years, the left-hander claimed he has still been subjected to criticism, something he has become familiar with. At National Stadium Karachi, Pakistan shall play Australia in the 2nd Test match, and all attention would be on the batting pitch.

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