I’m Disappointed For Not Getting A Three-figure Mark: Rohit

Rohit Sharma
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India thrashed England by 151 runs in the 2nd Test at Lord’s Cricket Ground, and star batsman Rohit Sharma was overjoyed. The hosts required 272 runs to win in just below 2 sessions on the 5th day of action at the Home of Cricket. The Indian bowlers, on the other hand, came out firing and bowled the opponents out for 120 in 51.5 overs. Here is Rohit Feeling For Not Getting A Three Figure Mark.

Rohit Feeling For Not Getting A Three Figure Mark

Joe Root, who hit a century in the 1st innings, led the Three Lions with 33 runs in the 2nd. The Indians spotted and went through the England middle and lower order following fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah took him out. After India’s thrashing victory, Rohit, 34, posted a video of himself applauding during a news conference.

He took to Twitter and wrote, “देर आए दुरुस्त आए! Brilliant win at Lord’s. Proper team show. A memorable one!”


On an individual basis, Rohit was dissatisfied after failing to register his first away Test century. He produced 83 runs off 145 balls in the 1st innings, including 11 fours and 1 six. James Anderson, on the other hand, pulled him from the middle to shorten his stay.

Your personal records can take a backseat but this is a team sport: Rohit Sharma

Rohit, on the other hand, stated that the team’s success was more significant than his own achievements. The hitter was cautious at first, but after he had a sense of the situation, he executed his attacks.

“I am a little disappointed not to get to that three-figure mark but again, I saw the replay probably 20 times and I couldn’t have done anything to that ball. What matters is the position the team is in because it’s not about individuals. Your personal records can take a backseat but this is a team sport. Anything you do and it helps the team, I am happy with it,” Rohit said.

“That’s Test cricket, you can’t bring out your flashy drives especially when the weather conditions are like that. You need to understand that and the experience that I have, I need to apply that. It was testing in the middle so all your basics of Test cricket come into play, things like playing with soft hands and leaving balls outside off,” he concluded.

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