I’ll Be At No.3 Spot If I Do Play For T20-WC: Mitchell Marsh

Mitchell Marsh
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The 2021 T20 World Cup will be contested in October and November of this year, and Mitchell Marsh believes he will bat at No.3 for Australia.

Marsh went on to say that the brilliance of the Australian batting order is that all of the hitters, from No. 3 to No. 7, can drift around in the batting lineup and swap places with comfort.

Marsh further said that being flexible and able to move around with the other batsmen for the Australian team is crucial.

I daresay that if I play in this tournament, I’ll be listed at number three. But I think the beauty of our squad is that, from three to six or even seven, all of us can float and it will just be a matter of game situation and who we think is best to go in next. I think I’ll be at the top if I do play, but it’s about being adaptable and being able to float with the guys that we’ve got coming after me,” said Marsh.

First thing first is to be part of this WC which is very exciting: Mitchell Marsh

Mitchell Marsh also stated that he has been working on strengthening his game versus spin and also his abilities to rotate the stroke. The Australian all-rounder also remarked that he has focused on increasing the number of boundary possibilities to him.

I’ve worked really hard on my game against spin, probably more so around the rotation of strike and making sure that I’m getting off strike through those middle overs in white-ball cricket. Then the extension of that was trying to make sure I have plenty of boundary options,” added Marsh.

Mitchell Marsh has voiced his interest in returning to Test cricket for the Kangaroos and has said that he would play a lot of red-ball cricket to improve his abilities. Marsh finished by projecting that the next T20 World Cup will be thrilling.

I’d love to play Test cricket again for Australia at some point. I’m not going to have a lot of red-ball cricket to put my name up there for selection, but like many before me, if I can perform in white-ball then you’re still in the selectors’ eyes. But first things first is to be part of this World Cup, which is going to be very exciting,” concluded Mitchell Marsh.

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