IPL 2020: IPL Chairman Brijesh Patel Defends The BCCI Move


The IPL Winners Get Rs 10 Crores Instead Of Rs 20 Crore:

The eight IPL franchises which are representing eight big cities in India are not happy by the decision of BCCI. The BCCI had sent a circular to all the franchises. According to the circular, the winners and runners-up and the teams who will get third and fourth positions will get half of the prize money as compared with the prize money of the IPL 2019 season.

For that reason, the IPL title winners will get Rs 10 crore instead of Rs 20 crore. The runners will get Rs 6.25 crore instead of Rs 12.5 crores. The third and fourth places will get Rs 4.375 crores instead of Rs 8.75 crores.

It Is Not Reducing Prize Amount – IPL Chairman:

IPL chairman Brijesh Patel said on that “it’s not about reducing prize amount. In the year 2013-14, BCCI decided to help all the franchises, we had agreed to increase the prize money, but that was not a part of the original contract.

In 2013, the franchises had requested that they were not making money in IPL. So BCCI thought we would also contribute. Thus, the player payment does not become an issue. Now, the franchises are earning profits. It’s just a loss in profit”.

IPL chairman is defending the move that the new decision should not be linked to the country’s economic slowdown.

Another burden for the franchises is that they will have to bear an extra Rs 20 lakhs per game as a staging fee to the home association. The association will get Rs 50 lakhs in the whole tournament. The BCCI would also be payable to the association Rs 50 lakhs from Rs 30 lakhs earlier.

The stage associations’ costs have gone high. Even BCCI is also paying them. If there were an international match done, the association would charge Rs 1.5 crores. Here they would now get Rs 1 crore”, a BCCI official said.

One of the top franchises said officially, “Any of these moves have not discussed with us. We are stakeholders; before making these decisions, BCCI should involve us”.


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