ICC Says Reserve Days Are Not Possible

ICC Says Reserve Days Are Not Possible
ICC Says Reserve Days Are Not Possible
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It has become a tough task to ICC with the unseasonable rains during the world cup in Nottingham, England. Till the date, three matches have been disclaimed due to these rains and they are suspecting the rains in the upcoming matches too and this made the greatest fear in them.

Two matches of Sri Lanka against Pakistan and Bangladesh disclaimed without a bowl. Another game between South Africa and West Indies was turned down after 7.3 overs and lead to a reserve day.

The match between India and New Zealand which is to be held tomorrow have seemed to continue cloudy weather and is making a threat to everyone.

The Sport’s governing body says they cannot extend the event through these reserve days.

“Factoring in a reserve day for every match at the World Cup would significantly increase the length of the tournament and practically would be extremely complex to deliver,” – ICC Cheif Executive.

As per the Whether reports, the UK is experiencing twice the rainfall in this month of June.

“This is extremely unseasonable weather. In the last couple of days, we have experienced more than twice the average monthly rainfall for June which is usually the third driest month in the UK,”- Richardson.

He continued with the explanation of the impact of reserve days.

“It would impact pitch preparation, team recovery and travel days, accommodation and venue availability, tournament staffing, volunteer and match officials’ availability, broadcast logistics and very importantly the spectators who in some instances have traveled hours to beat the game. There is also no guarantee that the reserve day would be free from rain either,” – Richardson.

Through this declaim of the matches, there could be an impact on the team positions in the point table and with the reserve days, they should increase the workforce that is employes per day

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