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ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 schedule

ICC T20 Cricket World Cup

The international competition is in its eighth year, and West Indies is the only team to have won the ICC Men’s T-20 World Cup trophy on numerous occasions out of the seven tournaments that have ended.

Under the leadership of Captain Cool and former cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India won the first 2007 T20 World Cup by defeating Pakistan, while Australia won the seventh edition by defeating New Zealand.

Host Nation

Australia, the 2021 champion, is hosting this year’s ICC T20 World Cup, which will be played in Adelaide, Brisbane, Geelong, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. The final would be held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, with the semifinals being held at the Sydney Cricket Ground and the Adelaide Oval.

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 schedule  

Match DateMatch CentreTime in ISTStadiumVenue
2022-10-16 Sri Lanka VS Namibia09:30 AMKardinia ParkGeelong
2022-10-16 UAE VS Netherlands01:30 PMKardinia ParkGeelong
2022-10-17 West Indies VS Scotland09:30 AMBellerive OvalHobart
2022-10-17 Zimbabwe VS Ireland01:30 PMBellerive OvalHobart
2022-10-18 Namibia VS Netherlands09:30 AMKardinia ParkGeelong
2022-10-18 Sri Lanka VS the UAE01:30 PMKardinia ParkGeelong
2022-10-19 Scotland VS Ireland09:30 AMBellerive OvalHobart
2022-10-19 West Indies VS Zimbabwe01:30 PMBellerive OvalHobart
2022-10-20 Sri Lanka VS Netherlands09:30 AMKardinia ParkGeelong
2022-10-20 Namibia VS the UAE01:30 PMKardinia ParkGeelong
2022-10-21 West Indies VS Ireland09:30 AMBellerive OvalHobart
2022-10-21Scotland VS Zimbabwe01:30 PMBellerive OvalHobart
Group -1
Match DateMatch CentreTime in ISTStadiumVenue
2022-10-22 Australia vs New Zealand12:30 PMSydney Cricket GroundSydney
2022-10-22England vs Afghanistan04:30 PMPerth StadiumBurswood
2022-10-23 A1 vs B209:30 AMBellerive OvalHobart
2022-10-25 Australia vs A104:30 PMPerth StadiumBurswood
2022-10-26 England vs B209:30 AMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
2022-10-26 New Zealand vs Afghanistan01:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
2022-10-28 Afghanistan vs B209:30 AMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
2022-10-28 England vs Australia01:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
2022-10-29 New Zealand vs A101:30 PMSydney Cricket groundSydney
2022-10-31 Australia vs B201:30 PMThe GabbaBrisbane
2022-11-01 Afghanistan vs A109:30 AMThe GabbaBrisbane
2022-11-01 England vs New Zealand01:30 PMThe GabbaBrisbane
2022-11-04 New Zealand vs B209:30 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
2022-11-04Australia vs Afghanistan01:30 PMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
2022-11-05 England vs A101:30 PMSydney Cricket groundSydney
Group -2
Match DateMatch CentreTime in ISTStadiumVenue
2022-10-23India vs Pakistan01:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
2022-10-24Bangladesh vs A209:30 AMBellerive OvalHobart
2022-10-24South Africa vs B101:30 PMBellerive OvalHobart
2022-10-27South Africa vs Bangladesh08:30 AMSydney Cricket GroundSydney
2022-10-27India vs A212:30 PMSydney Cricket GroundSydney
2022-10-27Pakistan vs B104:30 PMPerth StadiumPerth
2022-10-30Bangladesh vs B108:30 AMThe GabbaBrisbane
2022-10-30 Pakistan vs A212:30 PMPerth StadiumPerth
2022-10-30India vs South Africa04:30 PMPerth StadiumPerth
2022-11-02B1 vs A209:30 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
2022-11-02India vs Bangladesh01:30 PMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
2022-11-03Pakistan vs South Africa01:30 PMSydney Cricket GroundSydney
2022-11-06South Africa vs A205:30 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
2022-11-06 Pakistan vs Bangladesh09:30 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
2022-11-06India vs B101:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
Knockout Stages
2022-11-091st Semi-final 01:30 PMSydney Cricket GroundSydney
2022-11-102nd Semi-final01:30 PMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
2022-11-13Final 01:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne

When and where to catch all the live action 

 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup broadcasting rights are held by Star Network. We will be able to watch it on Star Sports, Star Sports 1, Star Sports 2, Star Sports 3, and Star Sports HD, according to this. Indian spectators can watch the game on Disney plus Hotstar with a premium membership if they plan to watch it online. 

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