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Facebook Collaborated With ICC On Digital Content Rights
Facebook Collaborated With ICC On Digital Content Rights
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Indian Cricket was established in December 1928. India is one of the most cricket loving Nation. Indian Team has won World Cup three times including One Day Cricket and t20 in the years 1983, 2007(t20) and 2011. India is said as the Powerhouse of cricket. BCCI also conduct domestic tournament called Indian premier league each year which is also very successful worldwide. Indian Cricket Team had played its first International match against England in the year 1932 in England.

Cricket South Africa was established on 29 June 1991. Despite being a strong participant, the team of Africa has not won any major tournament organized by the ICC till date so that the team is also known as chokers. They have played semi final of world cup held in for more than 2 times.

England and Wales Cricket Board was founded on 1 January 1997. England is called as the Father of Cricket. Despite being the founder of Cricket, England has never won any big ICC tournaments except champions trophy and T20 World Cup in 2010. The first ever International Cricket was played between England vs Canada in 1844.

Pakistan Cricket Board founded in the year 1948. Before 1948 it came under the control of BCCI as Pakistan was part of Indian territory but after the division of India and Pakistan, Pakistan made its own Cricket governing body and named it as PCB. Pakistan is also the very cricket loving Nation and has won the World cup in the year 1992 and in 2008 (T20). Pakistan has chosen UAE as their outside home ground temporarily so that they can play International Cricket. Pakistan Cricket team is also suffering from match-fixing issues.

Cricket Australia founded in 1905.CA is also one of the most oldest cricket playing Nation along with England. One of the finest batsmen in World Cricket Sir Don Bradman was from Australia. Ashes series which is played between England and Australia is the oldest bilateral series. The Australian team has won 50 overs World cup 5 times in years 1987, 1999, 2003,2007 and 2015.

Sri Lanka Cricket is one of the most cricket playing Nations and it was founded on 30 June 1975. Sri Lankan Cricket Team has won 2 World Cups i.e. one in 50 overs in the year 1996 and one in the year 2014 in t20.

West Indies Cricket Board Caribbean Cricket Team was one of the strongest team in the ’70s and ’80s and had won 2 consecutive World Cups in the Year 1975 and 1979 which were the first two WC conducted by the ICC. West Indies has won t20 World Cups in the year 2012 and 2016 despite going through tough financial situations. It was founded in the year 1920.

The New Zealand Cricket. Despite being a small Nation, New Zealand has produced some legendary cricketers. New Zealand has never won any major ICC tournaments like the World Cup. On 27 December 1894, 12 delegates from around New Zealand met in Christchurch to form the New Zealand Cricket Council. New Zealand had to played 42 test matches to gets its first Test match win which is highest among all the test playing Nations.

Bangladesh Cricket Board was founded in 1972. Bangladesh has the huge Cricket following but their National Team has never played on their expectation. Bangladesh is still struggling to win major Bilateral series. BCB gets the status of Test Playing Nation in the year 2000 and had taken 34 matches to win the first Test Match.

Zimbabwe Cricket was founded in the year 1992 and is the permanent member of ICC. Zimbabwe has the status of Test Playing Nation. Zimbabwe plays very rarely with top cricket playing nations and has not marked any major series win against any strong team yet. Zimbabwe Cricket team has recently played in Pakistan and became the first team to visit Pakistan after terrorist attacks on Sri Lankan Cricketers.

Afghanistan Cricket Board was founded in the year 1995 but has come in highlights after 2015 World Cup. This was the first time when Afghanistan has been qualified for such a big tournament. In reward of consecutive good performance, ICC has given Afghanistan “Test playing Nation” ’s Status in 2017 and will debut in Feb 2018. They have chosen the ground in India. Afghanistan has also huge cricket support. It has become the full-time member of ICC since 22 June 2017.

Cricket Ireland has become ICC full-time member since 22 June 2017. Irish cricket union was founded in the year 1923. Ireland came into highlights after the setback against Pakistan in 2007 World Cup.

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