I Have Huge Hopes From Team To Give Their 100% In WC: Ramiz

Ramiz Raja Speaks On Afghanistan Cricket
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Ramiz Raja, the incoming head of the Pakistan cricket team, has sent a strong message to the squad members, urging them to concentrate solely on cricket and not on other issues such as the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) recent reforms. Raja and the players reportedly met at the National High-Performance Centre in Lahore, where the former Pakistan skipper outlined his vision and strategy for the coming years.

Temporary coaches Abdul Razzaq and Saqlain Mushtaq were also in attendance at the meeting. Few stories have appeared about how dissatisfied certain players were with the administration and their consequent cricket behaviour. The team also performed poorly as a result of this.

Modern cricket requires you to be aggressive: Ramiz Raja

Raja was recommended for the post by Imran Khan in the PCB after Ehsan Mani, the existing PCB chairman, indicated his intention to stand down. On 13th September, he will be voted in as chairman for the first time. The cricketer-turned-expert had asked for the meeting as well, and he offered his opinions on Pakistan’s cricket.

The team is being provided with a great cricketing environment. You can play cricket fearlessly. Modern cricket requires you to be aggressive,” Raja told.

The nominee added: “Dominate the game from the start. This is modern-day cricket, and you have to play accordingly.”

Raja also stated that every player’s position would be specified and that mutual understanding will be maintained in the future.

You have to adapt to the new game, and it is not difficult, we are all here to guide you all, he said, adding that cricket coaches will train you accordingly, they will define the role of each player and “no unnecessary changes will be made, no one’s role will be changed”. “Continuity will be seen, which is very important in today’s cricket.

Raja also expressed optimism about the team’s chances in the coming ICC T20 World Cup. He believes the players have the ability to perform.

“I have high hopes from the same squad all the players give their 100% in the World Cup, the upcoming series is important, you are all talented, you have a lot of potential.”

Raja continued by adding that if Pakistan does well in upcoming matches, it would increase its standing.“It has to be improved by performance,” he maintained.

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