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‘I Am Upset With Chahal’, Says Bhuvneshwar Kumar

India defeated Sri Lanka in the opening game with a smashing start of 38 rounds in the T20I three-game series. Bhuvneshwar(Vice-captain), who was called ‘Player of the Match’ for his magnificent effort, was starring with the ball as he scooped up  4-wickets. In addition to the match, there is also something consistent when spin bowler Yuzvendra Chahal is in the squad. Here is Bhuvneshwar Kumar about Chahal.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar about Chahal

This entertaining talk show was conducted for almost one to two years by the 31-year-old. He continues discussing players with his teammates and friends and has a great, involved meeting. This time Chahal welcomed Bhuvneshwar Kumar to the exclusive ‘Chahal’ TV.


The pacer on the right is likewise renowned for grabbing the legs of his teammates as well as friends. There was a fun aspect to Kumar when he playfully informed Chahal that he had ignored him so much as on Sunday’s  (25 July) on Chahal TV was Bhuvi’s first appearance.

“I am upset with Chahal, as this is my first time on his show. I kept making signs from the dressing room, requesting him to invite me on the show, but he never called me,” said Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who was given the ‘Player of the Match’ earlier in the day for his four-wickets.

There Was A Bit Of Swing Early: Bhuvneshwar 

Besides Kumar on his TV program, Chahal was also invited Deepak Chahar. The three, with the exception of the trash, had a reasonable discussion. In the first T20I versus Sri Lanka, Kumar gave some insight on how he struck his ability.

“There was a bit of swing early on. With Sri Lankan batters taking risks early on, there were boundaries. In the middle overs, the focus was on getting as many dot balls as possible, and towards the death, I looked to take the pace off the ball. Things fell in place in terms of execution.”

Furthermore, Chahal has been efficient during the first game, from the ODIs to the T20Is. 1 wicket he collected and only gave 19 runs away. On Tuesday 27th July, the 2nd T20I will take place.

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Prashanth Esampally
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