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    Amidst the global COVIF-19 pandemic, mobile games and TV shows have been a savior for the common people who were stuck inside their houses. Google released a set of their Doodle games to keep the general audience entertained. The motive behind this was to encourage the people to not step outside their households. Google released the Doodle games under the tagline ‘Stay and Play at home’. Here is the process for how to play doodle cricket on google.

    How to play Doodle Cricket Game on Google: Intro

    We have seen Google bring back multiple minigames in form of Doodles on their homepage. Google recently released doodle cricket on their homepage. It became a hit amongst the fans of cricket. Google also released a statement regarding their newly launched mini-games. In the statement, Google stated their reason behind introducing the Doodle series.

    “As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, people and families everywhere are spending more time at home. In light of this, we’re launching a throwback Doodle series looking back at some of our popular interactive Google Doodle games,” said Google.

    Doodle Cricket was first launched in 2017. Google went back in time to get their famous cricketing game back for the fans. You are surely going to enjoy playing this game if you happen to be a massive cricket fan.

    How to play Doodle Cricket on Google?

    1. To play the Google Doodle cricket game, you can visit the Google homepage.
    2. Now, click on the interactive Doodle.
    3. Now, click on ‘Play’.
    4. Apart from this, you can also click here to play the game in full-screen mode but there are no sounds on this page.
    5. To play the game, all you need to do is press the left-click of your mouse or the space button on the keyboard.

    You can also download the game on your cellular device from AppStore.


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