How Do Cricketers Survive After Retirement

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Cricket is a rich sport, especially in India. If you are playing for the Indian national team, then your bank balance will always be secured. Any player will easily end up playing for more than 10 years if they are performing on a decent level. Indian cricket players earn in crores only from their yearly salary from the BCCI. Top cricket players endorse multiple brands which multiply their income. let’s discuss What do cricketers do after retirement.

By the time their career comes to an end, they easily become a millionaire. However, the real deal is to sustain the money once their career is over. An average cricketer retires from the sport at the age of 35, which leaves an entire life in front of them. They need to plan their future accordingly to ensure regular income of money and also a job for themselves for the rest of their life.

What do cricketers do after retirement?

  1. Commentators

Commentary is the best option that the players are left with once they are done with their playing time. A player has enough knowledge about each aspect of the sport and by the time they retire their confidence level reaches sky-high to handle the party from the commentary box. Being a commentator also comes with monetary perks.

2. Cricket Experts

Any former cricketer can join any media company as an expert. Their insights are used in the pre and post-match shows. Big media houses like Star and Sony hire multiple former cricketers in their expert panel. Their contracts are huge in terms of money.

3. Coaches

Former cricketers easily rope in a job as a coach. Anil Kumble, Ravi Shastri, and Rahul Dravid are recent examples of former players turned coaches. They can also join different roles under a coach as per their expertise. A bowler can become a bowling coach for a national team or any IPL side. It’s a fruitful job, with tons of perks for any retired cricketer.

Other jobs for retired cricketers

  1. Pitch Curators and supporting staff
  2. Coaches to first-class level teams
  3. Umpires
  4. BCCI panel

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