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The idea of an IPL came into existence in 2007. Lalit Modi, the then BCCI secretary, envisioned a franchise-based league on the lines of the English Premier League (EPL). The idea materialized owing to India winning the inaugural T20 World Cup 2007. T20 cricket received a major boost with the buzz of a cricket league being developed. Acting as a precursor to the tournament, an auction was bound to take place. Cricket fans were excited about the unknown. The game was about to change. So How Different Will IPL 2022 Mega Auctions Be?

How Different Will IPL 2022 Mega Auctions Be?

First-ever IPL Mega auctions (2008):

The inaugural mega auctions in 2008 transformed world cricket. Cricketers went under the hammer, a concept hitherto unheard. Players like Rahul Dravid admitted it felt weird when they were auctioned for teams.

The IPL had the concept of icon players in the first year. These players were slotted to represent their state/city-based IPL teams. Sachin Tendulkar was meant to play for Mumbai Indians while Sourav Ganguly turned up for Kolkata Knight Riders. Apart from Chennai, the rest 7 teams had icon players in their ranks. This is where the league got its biggest victory.

The first historic signing in the auction:

Chennai Super Kings didn’t have an icon player in their setup as compared to others. They used this shortcoming to make arguably the biggest and the best decision in IPL history. CSK managed to buy MS Dhoni in the auctions for a record INR 6 crores. He was the costliest IPL signing in the inaugural season. The rest as they say is history. Dhoni remains the only player to date for whom all participating teams bid in the auction. 

How did the first auction pan out and the eventual result?

Teams went with the flow and tried assembling players rather than building a team. The novelty of auctions had overwhelmed the franchises. Rajasthan Royals, the team that had spent the least in the auctions went on to win the Inaugural IPL season. It busted the myth of money overpowering victory. Teams realised they needed more than just money in the auctions to succeed. They needed strategies!

The auctions from thereon:

Teams started focusing on analysis, strategies, and data in the auctions. They went as granular as possible when it came to picking up players. Stars no longer dominated the auctions. It was the players who made the difference that drove big bucks. Fates started changing overnight. The auctions became a much more glamorous event, at times even more than the eventual tournament. 

How different the 2022 mega auctions will be?

The IPL 2022 mega auction is going to be one wholesome affair. BCCI, the parent body is planning to conduct the auctions on February 12-13. The mega auctions will be a 2-day affair. A total of 1200 players have registered for the mega auctions. These players will go under the hammer. 10 teams will be bidding fiercely to get the best of the lot. Never before had there been this much buzz surrounding an IPL auction. 

How important is the 2022 mega auction?

The mega auction was initially scheduled to be held in 2021. It had to be pushed a year back owing to the pandemic. Hence the desperation of fans to see how the teams pan out is even more. This auction will clearly dictate terms for the teams in the coming decade.

The better the auctions for all teams, the better it is for the league. As a closely fought auction results in a highly competitive league. As the IPL embarks on a 10-team journey, this mega auction has to get most things right for the league to excel. We can’t wait for this journey to begin. 

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