Can India still qualify for WTC 2021-23 final?

India still qualify for WTC 2021-23 final
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South Africa after beating England on Friday night rose to the top spot in the World Test Championships (WTC). The South African side completely dismantled the England side in the Lord’s cricket stadium. Here in this article, we talk about How Can India still qualify for WTC 2021-23 final?

South Africa has won six out of eight matches in test format helping them reach the top position in World Test Championships if they continue to win the matches they will be in the final for the Championship.

After England slipped position in the table the Indian side is now in a contest to reach the final of the World Test Championship. India has 6 games left where the Indian side will face Bangladesh twice and Australia four times and India would have to win all six matches to stand a chance to be in the final, but it also depends on Australia and South Africa’s results in their games. If South Africa manages to defeat Australia it will benefit the African side to stay at the top but will also help India climb up the ladder and reach the finals of the World Test Champions.

Anrich Nortje’s spell on Friday night simply broke the back the bone of the England side in the second innings restricting England to 149 runs and calming their victory by an Innings and 12 runs with 2 days remaining.

India will now have to focus on their remaining games left and will have to give their hundred percent so that they can at least try reaching the finals because not everything is in the hands of India, Australia vs South Africa, and India vs Australia will be the two main series we have to wait and watch. The South African side is currently facing off with the England side in a two-match test series.

With the early win over the might England side the South African team will have a couple of days extra to rest before the second test at Old Trafford on Thursday.

Indian’s remaining WTC 2021-23 fixtures:

Two tests vs Bangladesh – Away
Four tests vs Australia – Home

Australia’s remaining WTC 2021-2023 fixtures:

Four tests vs India – Away
Two tests vs West Indians – Home
Three tests vs South Africa – Home

South Africa’s remaining WTC 2021-2023 fixtures:

One test vs England – Away
Two tests vs West Indies – Home
Three tests vs Australia – Away

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