Hitting The Ball In Air Isn’t Crime, Says Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma
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Hitting aerial shots not a crime- Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma is called “Hitman” in cricket circles, and one of the primary reasons behind his success story in international cricket is how he paces his innings. He takes some time to adjust in-ground but once he finds form, Rohit plays gets into top gear.

The Mumbai Player, who has hit three double centuries in ODIs, feels that in his developmental days if batsman played shots in the air, the players would be asked by coaches to leave nets, and that attitude was wrong, according to him.

Rohit shares opinion with youngsters:

On Thursday at Rohit Sharma’s CricKingdom Cricket Academy at Marine Drive’s Islam Gymkhana, Rohit said to young trainees, “The players Playing aerial shots is no harming and that was not a crime and don’t need much power. Nothing wrong with trying a brilliant play to score. I recall when I was learning and played big shots in the air, we removed the nets. I think that was not fair. At last, the result is important.”

“Youngsters want to play their shots and observe good at the moment of attempting those fancy aerial strokes and be confident about their game, they should get all the achievable encouragement needed.” felt Rohit, who has had a great 2019, where he recorded 10 international centuries.

“If someone is going to give results by playing flying shots, so be it. In that, there is nothing wrong. As a developing kid, growing up in this generation, you have to play big shots, While batting you want to look good, but the approach of kids is also the important thing in their game. They must have an idea and an understanding of their game.” felt the man who got a record of five hundreds in the 2019 World Cup.

Rohit also highlighted the fact that players should be conscious of their mistakes. “If the players are repeating the mistakes, they need to be trained how should proceed about things the next time around. I think playing shots is not wrongdoing at all.”

“I would encourage youngsters to play high shots, but at the same time, I would be supposed them to understand the fact that they need to deliver results. That is the way the game is played. If you score 100rund out of 50 balls or 200 balls, it doesn’t matter, the score is still a hundred it only matters,” said Rohit.

Rohit looks back at his Journey:

Rohit started his journey as a middle-order batsman for India but went on to become one of the best openers in current day cricket. He wished the India U-19 team for the upcoming World Cup in South Africa.

In Colombo, the heartbreaking 2006 final loss to Pakistan having played, the ODI and T20 matches, the Indian vice-captain knows the pain of falling short. “Our team always very strong, the last time we won. I would not stay that we will this year as well. But I am confident about one thing- the teammates are playing very hard,” he said.


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