Here Is How The Cricket Fraternity Spent On Social Media Platforms

Here Is How The Cricket Fraternity Spent On Social Media Platforms
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Cricket trends are turning on social media today, a deadly coronavirus that has claimed more than 300,000 lives worldwide over the past few days. Cricketers from different countries come forward and help the poor. Ahmed Shahzad is the man who tried to raise awareness in a video about coronavirus.

He has informed his fans that he will go live with former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen on Instagram at 7 PM PST on Monday. While preparing for an interview with Bollywood actress Rakulpreet Singh, Peterson is taking interviews of some cricketers on social media. Meanwhile, Shahid Afridi‘s donation towards the Corona telecom initiative has received tremendous support from Pakistani cricketers for helping people in the country.

1. Shahzad to broadcast live with Peterson

2. Badani views on young Shiv Dubey

3. Lakshmana bowed to selfless people

4. Gambhir thanked the Delhi Police for their dedication and commitment

5. Rahane thanked the police for serving the country

6. The Saha fan is challenged by the people in the film

7. Bauma commented on his friend’s video

8. Karunaratna donates protective equipment

9. Sarfaraz Ahmed urged fans and followers to donate

10. Ravi Ashwin wants to help the poor

11. Harbhajan Singh’s tweet praying Waheguru

12. RP Singh picks his IPL XI; asks fans to comment their IPL XI

13. Badri posts a throwback picture

14. Ahmad Shahzad tries to create awareness about Coronavirus


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