Harder Being A Player Than Wearing The Cap Of President-Sourav Ganguly

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On Monday, the BCCI president Sourav Ganguly said it was “harder being a player” than wearing the cap of chairman as there is no room for blunder while batting. The former India captain Ganguly was talking during the Sports Star Aces Awards night. Asked what was harder between being a BCCI president and a player, Ganguly without hesitation replied to the query.

Sourav Ganguly had no hesitation while responding to the question:

“It was harder playing under tension since it was one possibility while batting, that was part troublesome. Here (as BCCI President) on the off chance that I commit an error, I return straightaway and get it redressed, there on the off chance that you scratched (Glenn) McGrath outside the off stump…” Ganguly said. From his moment of the game to now, he feels the pace of the game has transformed.

Batting legend Sunil Gavaskar, who effectively confronted probably the best quick bowlers ever, additionally felt the organization was simpler. “Truly, I was responsible for the workplace of BCCI president for two or three months in 2014, when the Supreme Court-selected me as a commander of the BCCI, IPL. I did it. It was simple,” Gavaskar said. Questioned what he concluded on changes throughout the years in cricket, Gavaskar said wellness.

“I think the physical and mental health, players are a lot fitter than we were playing, a lot more grounded and they can hit the ball a reasonable separation, they are physically fit and sportive,” Gavaskar said.

Sourav Ganguly gets the Best Team of the Year Award:

Sourav Ganguly achieved the Best Team of the Year Award in the personal interest of his players. The players couldn’t turn-up for the gathering because they have a match against Australia in Mumbai on Tuesday.

“Much obliged to you for giving the Indian Test group (Team of the Tear grant). I am certain the various three groups have similarly done well this year (2019). Congrats to batting mentor Vikram Rathour and the young men are not here as they have a game tomorrow,” Ganguly said.

“And with every good wish for the new year. It’s the beginning of a greater year, the World Cups – men’s, ladies’ and U-19, and I trust it works out in a good way,” added Ganguly.

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