Gautam Gambhir Mocks Shahid Afridi For His Immature Tweet

Gautam Gambhir Mocks Shahid Afridi For His Immature Tweet
Gautam Gambhir Mocks Shahid Afridi For His Immature Tweet
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Recently, the Indian government has taken the decision to override Article 370 to scrap the special status of Jammu and Kashmir which has become the center stage of the politics between India and Pakistan. This huge move has been lauded the efforts of the Indian administration while some have criticized the step.

In the meantime, it has created a huge wrath in Pakistan where the cricketers of the country also joining in to share their thoughts. Many of the Pakistani cricketers have expressed their dislike towards the step taken by the Indian government. Among many, Shahid Afridi was enlightened out. On Tuesday, he took to his official Twitter account to share his thoughts on the topic.

Accepting the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s call to attend an event in the Pakistani side of Kashmir, the former all-rounder tweeted, “Let’s respond to PM calls for Kashmir Hour as a nation. I will be at Mazar e Quaid at 12 pm on Friday. Join me to express solidarity with our Kashmiri brethren. On 6 Sep I will visit the home of a Shaheed. I will soon be visiting LOC.”

However, his tweet did not go well with the Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir with whom he once fought various on-field battles. Former cricketer and current BJP MP slammed Afridi on the social media and tweeted, “Guys, in this picture Shahid Afridi is asking Shahid Afridi that what should Shahid Afridi do next to embarrass Shahid Afridi so that’s it’s proven beyond all doubts that Shahid Afridi has refused to mature!!! Am ordering online kindergarten tutorials for help @SAfridiOfficial.”


Here are a few twitter reactions:

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