Former India cricketer Vinod Kambli says I need work, I have a family to look after

Vinod Kambli News
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Vinod Kambli News

Vinod Kambli born on 18th January 1972 in Mumbai, is a former Indian cricketer, who is known for his left-handed batting in the middle overs. He also has a record of becoming the first person to score a century in ODI cricket on his birthday.

Kambli later in his career also tried stepping into politics where he contested in the 2009 Vidhan Sabha Elections, but was not able to gain victory, he also participated in Anna Hazare’s Campaign for India’s stand against Corruption, and even tried acting in a few Bollywood movies.

Kambli nowadays is struggling to meet his basic needs, where the only source of income is the Pension fund sum of 30000 rupees that he receives from the BCCI. It is not sufficient for Kambli to run his family and requested the board to give him some job related to cricket.

In the past, he even tried to be the coach of Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy in the Mumbai T20 League where he trained young and upcoming cricketers but he had to drop down from the role and it was getting difficult for him to travel from his home to the training ground and more over his physical strength was taking a role due to his immense workload.

In a recent Mid-Day Interview, Kambli went on to state that “I am a retired cricketer, who is completely dependent on the pension from the BCCI. My only payment [source of income] at the moment is from the Board, for which I am really thankful and grateful. It takes care of my family,”

“I need assignments, where I can work with youngsters. I know Mumbai has retained Amol Muzumdar as their head coach, but if anywhere I am needed, I am there. We played together and we were a great team. That’s what I want them [current Mumbai team] to do…to play as a team. I was seeking help from the MCA [Mumbai Cricket Association]. I came into the CIC [Cricket Improvement Committee], but it was an honorary job. I went to the MCA for some help. I have a family to look after. I told the MCA many times that if you require me, I am there whether it is at the Wankhede Stadium or BKC. Mumbai cricket has given me a lot. I owe my life to this game.”

Kambli then concluded by saying “He [Sachin] knows everything, but I am not expecting anything from him. He gave me the TMGA (Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy) assignment. I was very happy. He has been a very good friend. He has always been there for me,” Kambli said. “I would go to the Shardashram School, where I would eat food when the team met. That’s where Sachin stood up as a friend. I came from a very poor family.”

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