Expected Records to be Made at T20 World Cup 2022

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ICC T20 WC: A player’s greatness is not judged but the number of runs scored or wickets taken, but it sure is a big part of their profile. It justifies the talent and consistency for which they work so hard.

Stats and numbers might not be as important for players but for us fans, it is a matter of great intrigue. It facilitates our liking for the player, and as the player grows, with his/her stats, there is a sense of belonging that we have covered a journey together.

In this ICC T20 WC, there are certain records and milestones which are likely to be achieved by our favorite cricketers. Let’s take a look at them:

Legendary Milestones

Shakib Al Hasan (BAN)
Shakib Al Hasan needs one more game to play 100, having already played 99.

Hendricks, R. (SAF)
Reeza Hendricks needs two more games to attain the milestone of 50 matches after playing 48.

Batting and Run Records

K J O’Brien (IRE)
In order to achieve the 2,000-run milestone, Kevin O’Brien only needs to score 27 runs. He is likely to do that in the upcoming ICC T20 WC 2022

De Kock, Q (SAF)
Quinton de Kock needs 106 more runs to hit the 2,000-run mark. He has already amassed 1,894 runs.

A Miller, D (SAF)
David Miller needs 56 more runs to hit the 2,000 run mark after having already scored 1,944 runs.

Rohan Mustafa (UAE)
Rohan Mustafa needs 16 more runs to hit the 1,000 run mark after scoring 984 already.

Taylor, B. R. (ZIM)
Brendan Taylor needs 66 more runs to hit the 1,000 run mark after scoring 934 already.

Bowling and Wickets Records

S. Sodhi (NZL)
Ish Sodhi needs one more wicket to reach the 100 wicket mark; he currently has 99.

Ngidi L T (SAF)
Lungi Ngidi needs one more wicket to reach the 50 wicket mark after already having 49.

Cottrell, S. (WIN)
Sheldon Cottrell needs two more wickets to reach the 50-wicket mark after already having 48.

Chameera P V (SRL)
With 48 wickets already under her belt, Dushmantha Chameera now needs two more to reach the 50-wicket mark.

C Agar, A (AUS)
To reach the 50-wicket mark, Ashton Agar needs to take three more wickets.

J. P. Cummins (AUS)
In order for Pat Cummins to reach the 50-wicket mark, he needs to collect six more wickets.


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