Ex-Pak Captain Says, Ganguly’s Suggestion “A Flop Idea”

Sourav Ganguly on 13 April to meet With BCCI Officials About IPL 2020
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Sourav Ganguly, after taking over as the chairman of the Board Cricket for Control in India (BCCI) in October 2019, has taken some bold decisions. Soon after joining the office, the former Indian skipper convinced Team Bangladesh to hold a landmark day-night Test at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens.

The president of the BCCI has now suggested an annual four-nation Test tournament involving India, England, Australia, and another country. Sourav Ganguly’s idea received mixed reactions from fans and critics as soon as the news was made public.

Many supported it saying that it would improve the quality of cricket while others opposed the idea deeming it harmful for global cricket’s overall health.

Latif Criticizes Ganguly’s Suggestion

“By playing such a series, these four countries want to isolate the other member nations which are not a piece of good news. But I think this will be a flop idea like the Big Three model, which was introduced a few years back,” said Latif in a YouTube video.

Latif said in the video that the proposed idea was not “good news” for the world cricket as the “four countries want to isolate the other member nations” through this tournament.

The “Big Three Model consisted of three nations, India, Australia, and England, which receive a slightly larger portion of the annual revenue from the International Cricket Council (ICC).

The argument was based on the idea that these three nations contributed most income from the ICC and would receive more than the member nations.

Nevertheless, the ICC scrapped the “Big Three Model” a few years ago and the share of the world’s three richest cricket boards.

Although nothing has been decided yet, on Tuesday, the English and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) announced that the planned four-nation tournament has been discussed with the BCCI.


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