Stokes Opens Up On Taking Medication For Anxiety

England's Test Skipper
Image Source: Twitter
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The 31-year-old England’s Test Skipper and all-rounder open up about the anxiety that he has been going through and where Stokes is using different medications to reduce his anxiety.

The World Cup winner Ben Stokes took six months’ rest from International cricket after he was suffering from mental health issues like Panic attacks and also his father’s loss due to brain cancer two years ago has an impact on his mental health.

In July 2022 he announced his retirement from the ODI format due to the heavy schedule in all three formats of the game, this also raised the concern that nowadays no one wants to play ODI cricket and some don’t feel the entertainment in test cricket and moreover the domestic and T20 leagues are getting more attention nowadays.

Ben Stokes is all set to release his documentary on the Amazon platform which will be released on Friday, where he talks about different situations and life experiences.

When talking about mental health he stated that “I never thought I would be on medication to help me for that kind of stuff. I am not embarrassed or ashamed to say it because I needed the help at the time, but it’s not done just because I’m back playing. I still speak to the doc, but not as regularly, and I’m still taking medication every day. It’s an ongoing process.” Stokes was angry at the game of cricket because it was influencing him not so many ways one such thing was when stokes said that “So I had a real thing with cricket at the time I took a break. I was really angry at the sport because it was dictating when I could see my dad.”

He finished the topic on mental health by saying “I find sometimes people are a bit nervous to go into the detail about that kind of stuff with me. It’s perceived you can’t feel a certain way – that’s a sign of weakness to show that you are not mentally feeling great,” “People think they can’t ask people who have struggled. No. It’s fine. I’ll happily tell you as much as I possibly can.”

Mental Health is not a joke and we can see that big players like stokes and other celebrities face these kinds of issues, so having mental issues is not an embracement and taking the right medication is really helpful.

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