England Vs Pakistan, 1st Test Day 4 : High Voltage Drama Prevails As England Lead By 1-0

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Welcome back to the detailed updates of 1st Test Day 3, which is taking place in Manchester at Old Trafford.

Yasir Shah Helps Pakistan Move Forward on Day 3 But England Fight Back:

To Pakistan the third day ended chaotically — their second innings was in tatters at 137 to 8. But in the bigger picture, the visitors are still ahead in the match, having in the first innings contained the hosts at 219, thanks largely to the four wickets from Yasir Shah, and wrapped the evening with a cumulative lead of 244 runs. When England starts the fourth-inning chase, the leg-spinner will be their go-to man again.

Weather Update:

The good news is that according to weather prediction there will be no rain interruption on the fourth day of the first test. It’s a warm and sunny manchester morning. Looks like a good cricket test day

Day 4 – 11 Runs Come Off First Over:

On Day 4, Jofra Archer commences proceedings. To face Yasir Shah. And what a start for Pakistan up to Day 4! Archer drives it in deep at Yasir Shah, Yasir gets back on his back foot and pulls Archer for four as if he’d been waiting all night long for the deep pitch. Again, Archer goes out short. Yasir rocks back and top slices it over the keeper’s head for another four. 11 Runs continue the first over of day 4. PAK lead by 255

Yasir Shah Falls-33 Off 24 Balls:

Broad takes out Yasir Shah. Buttler captured. This morning, Yasir Shah had lived and died by the spear. Slash at a big ball and take a narrow edge to the ball. Pakistan loses its ninth spot. As the last man, Naseem Shah comes out. He lands his first ball on a four. Pakistan has scored 25 runs today in the 2 bowled overs. Pakistan 162/9, led by 26 after 46.

Pakistan All Out-ENG Need 277 To Win:

On Day 4 Pakistan scored 32 runs in 16 balls. What day-start! All are out for 169. The last man to fall is Naseem. England to chase 277 in the fourth innings for the victory.
Highest successful chases in Manchester:
294 Eng v NZ 2008
231 Eng v WI 2004

All Set For Chase:

277 For England to qualify. 10 Wickets to England. May go anyway. Pakistan’s bowlers demonstrated in the first innings that they can be a handful. There’s a roller at the level. Would the English batsmen be able to contend with the demons from the pitch and the bowling assault on offer? Both teams are assigned to the fourth innings. Here we go!
Innings Break!
We have set England a target of 277 runs to win ⭐#ENGvPAK.

Runs for Burns:

Abbas ends with a maiden over. Both Burns and Sibley are trying to stay in their crease and lean forward into their shots to counter the new ball bowler’s early movement. Nasser Hussain says that in the 4th innings, we are ready for an ODI-scenario chase, not because of the overs left but because of how the pitch will behave on Day 4. The openers have to take on loads of singles and doubles, he says. Burns takes a pair off Shaheen again through the covers. Pakistan is shifting one additional slip to cover. Burns gets a boundary over to finish 3rd. Flicked to the leg. ENG 9/0 to 3

Solid Start By Openers:

At the very last moment, Abbas gets one to come off the pitch and seam away from Sibley, the batsman manages to cover his bat ‘s face at the last moment. Sibley gets off the ground with a few kicks. Burns also takes a few runs away from Shaheen’s next over. A good start from openers for England. Shaheen Afridi doesn’t get much help off the pitch even though he gets swinging, Wasim Akram says. It ‘s vital he makes the batsmen play for him, he says. He is unimpressed because Shan Masood lets a misfield come with an extra run. ENG 13/0 to 5
Shahid Afridi reckons that today’s spinners should play a big role.

Lala is backing Pakistan! #SuperFans #ENGvPAK.

WICKET – Words Exchanged Between Burns And Pakistan Fielders:

Strike to Pakistan! Abbas takes blood first! Burns, that’s Lbw. He ‘s gone 10. Burns Reviews but that remains the decision. Players exchanged words as Burns walked off. The decision remained out because Umpire’s Call was hitting stumps. Just like yesterday’s firing of Rizwan. Now, this one on the side of a knife. Root walks out at 3, with the fielders of Pakistan buzzing once more. ENG 27/1 on 12. Looked to be marginally high but it’s called by umpires and Burns is gone for 10! Abbas LBW.

ENG – 22/1 needing 277 to win.

Test For Azhar Ali’s Captaincy:

‘If Stokes belts any, is Azhar Ali going to become really defensive or is he going to keep his calm? We have seen the wheels come off the captaincy of Tim Paine at Headingley.’ says Nasser Hussain. Do we see the mettle of Azhar Ali as the leader as the margins in this match go down? Root and Sibley build brick by brick upon England’s resistance. With the ball likely to start reversing early, Nasser Hussain says England will look to score a few more. Naseem Shah sketches an outer edge lands short of the first break. The slip cordon in Pakistan is maybe a yard too far. ENG 36/1: 17.

England Begin To Find Runs:

Sibley picks from Naseem on a short ball and belts him for a boundary, a boundary coming after a bit, from a backward level. Sibley is heading into 21. Some of his runs are coming off thick edges but he stays confident. With Lunch approaching, Yasir Shah bowls the 20th over. Root drills him with a sweep to deep midwicket for four, as England continues to find momentum at the end of the session. Root drills him with a sweep to deep midwicket for four, as England continues to find momentum at the end of the session. ENG 47/1: 20

Lunch – ENG Need 222 More To Win With 9 Wickets Left:

Before the break, Shadab Khan carried on for an over or two. In the 1st inning, Spin dismantled England’s middle and lower orders. So far, Root and Sibley have managed to do it better. Yasir Shah is made to wait as long as Joe Root is on the watch. He needs to make sure that there are no further overs until the break. And England touches 55/1 after 22 overs at lunch.

Afternoon Session:

Mohammad Abbas bowls to Joe Root after Lunch to continue proceedings. Abbas draws strong appeals from keeper Rizwan for a catch. Big Pakistan appeal but UltraEdge on Root’s bat shows no spike. Root brings up the session’s first runs with a shimmy down the pitch before pivoting for four to the leg side. ENG 59/1: 23.

Sibley Reviews, Gets OUT Decision Reversed:

On the other hand Yasir Shah bowls. And having a wicket! Sibley has been found out! He’s Checking. And UltrEdge reveals no bat was in there. This time, Yasir Shah has made the ball turn a mile. Players from Pakistan stepped up in vociferous appeal. Yet it’s not Down. Sibley does survive. Rizwan ends up with Abbas bowling to the stumps. Root cutting to four. ENG 64/1 to 25.

Frustration For Pakistan:

Sibley’s strike rate problem had put England in the 2nd Test vs. West Indies in a precarious position, but England would love a similar knock from him today. He’s done exactly that on 27 of 87 hits, so far. As Sibley takes much of the blow, Rizwan goes backward. Sibley remains in his crease well. Root, on the other hand, also goes outside. Abbas keeps bowling a nagging length and Yasir Shah also gets the ball to snorkel off the pitch but Pakistan is going to pray for a breakthrough. Pro 66/1 to 27.

Another Catch Falls Short Of Slip:

Naseem Shah returned to the attack. He draws a nick from Joe Root but falls short of the first slip. Once again! Will come up with the slip cordon! It’s not the first time a grab just falls short. ENG 74/1 on 34.

England Battle History – 196 More To Win:

Root’s persistence pays off when he’s drilling a dab for four to the third guy. Just 7 overs the first boundary. After 35 ENG 81/1 need 196 more to win.
In the 4th Innings in the 21st century, the highest effective chase against Pakistan was 220. Just once at this ground has a score of more than 250 been chased down.


Yasir Shah wins the wicket! Sibley stumbles! After a big partnership, England loses its second position. Yasir Shah takes the wicket over to force the wicket. Sibley goes for the booming drive after blocking for eternity but gives a nick that gets pouched at first slip. Stokes joins Root in 4th position. And gets off with a deflection to third man boundary. The Hero of Headingley is in the Building! England needs a particular uniqueness from him. ENG 91/2 on 37.

Root OUT:

Root managed another four-a reverse sweep! Pakistan will respond by eliminating the foolish point for him immediately. Pakistan leaves a gap by the extra cover, in the hope of an edge welcoming the drive to. Yasir Shah vs Ben Stokes in front of him, with the rough in the circle. It is, without a doubt, the main event of the match,’ says Nasser. Stokes rushed a few times in the over but avoided the urge to go on the front foot. Yet on the other end, Naseem Shah gets the big fish! Makes Root to slip nick to first. The skipper is going in for 42. England 96/3, which required 181 more to win after 38.4.

Stokes OUT:

Pakistan is going for another replay as the ball flies past the head of Stokes. The umpire gave it not, but the Analysis does! Yasir Shah has that giant wicket! Googly with a. England lost its jewel in the crown! Stokes is down for 9. Buttler comes out at 6, with Pakistan wresting the momentum once more. ENG 107/4 runs away after 43 and still 171.

5th wicket – Woakes Joins Buttler:

Shaheen wrestles! Pope loses England. Pakistan smells like success! Pope smashed one on the glove which grows large on him. Balloons upon him. Shadab Khan gets the pick from the rain when it falls. Pope went 7. After 45 overs, ENG 117/5 still runs out 160.

Buttler, Woakes Go For Shots:

With his thread, Shaheen Afridi strays and Woakes crashes him for four via gully. England is not looking for a shell. Both batsmen are being fired under pressure. Buttler pushes hard for turning one into two while running. Follow up for four with a smashing sweep to deep rear square, again off Yasir. After 48 ENG 140/5 need 137 more to win.

Partnership Worth 30 Runs Off 23 Balls:

Shaheen Afridi is going for runs. Woakes trying to block the spinner but both batsmen trying to free their arms against the fasts. Woakes is searching out delivery and working fast for two. Woakes then cracks for four, one by one point. Runs in this Relationship are coming thick and strong. The game keeps swinging wildly. 7 Races the over. Under this partnership 30 runs off 23 balls. After 49 ENG 147/5 need 130 more to win.

150 for England – Runs Flowing In This Partnership:

Woakes pulls out the booming drive for another four after a sprint out of his crease against Yasir. That takes England up to 150. How a counter-attack is ramping up the pair. Both batsmen fighting over 100 at strike rates. Shaheen gets to Woakes round the wicket. Woakes takes a few balls for change and then smokes one through the coverings. Partnership amounting to 42 off 37 balls. After 51 ENG 159/5 requires 120 more to win.

Final Session:

The last session commences on Day 4. Mohammad Abbas to begin by bowling to Jos Buttler. This may well be the last Test session. After this, only Short, Bess, Jofra, and Anderson come. And one wicket in Pakistan’s favor would really tip the match. Yet this pair offers England a decent chance. After Tea, Shadab Khan goes on at the other end. Buttler finishes the over with a four off Shadab crashing. After 55 ENG 176/5 needs 101 runs to win.

Pakistan Push Field Back, England Revert To Singles:

Abbas bowls another tightly over, drawing from Woakes another outer edge that squirts through the gully field. Buttler and Woakes were bashing it through the gaps, while Azhar Ali had his field up. Now the field is set back except for the ones and twos, Buttler and Woakes play it into the deep. After 57 ENG 183/5 wants 94 more to win.

Pakistan Under Pressure- Buttler-Woakes Partnership Of 86 Runs:

Woakes picks from Naseem on a short ball and carves him for four to a third man. Azhar Ali ‘s hands have his face dug in. Pressure on Pakistan starts to tell. A long talk between the players, with captain, bowler, Yasir Shah all getting their views to express. With that 200 are coming up for England. Naseem gets a top edge from Woakes, which lands from a Yasir Shah diving just one foot away. All of a sudden all go the way for England again. Another half-chance of getting bowled by Abbas to start the next over. Woakes chips it in the air but the ball just falls short of mid-off. ENG 202/5 needs 75 more to win, after 62 overs. And WinViz display England are favorites to win the 1st Test for the first time in two days!

100-Run Partnership Takes The Game Away From Pakistan:

Shaheen Afridi could be taken back into the assault by Pakistan for one last roll of the dice. A break for drinks is made, the Buttler-Woakes relationship reaching triple digits. Now England is trying to pass the score with the pushes and run fast between the wickets. ENG 219/5 needs 57 more to win after 66.

Review Turned Down. Pakistan Have One Review Remaining:

The batsmen don’t go for the wild slashes as they used to be before. The closer England gets to the goal, says Shane Warne on radio, the more they think they can’t afford to play any loose shots. The camera cuts to Root and Stokes, in the dressing room, looking a lot more confident. With nothing happening for the quicks, Pakistan is looking to have another spark for Yasir Shah. They are all going up in appeal as Yasir Shah claims to have been left behind. Pakistan is going for the Analysis but Not Out remains. 1 Looking now left for Pakistan. After 72 ENG 235/5 need 42 more to win.

Pakistan Burn Their Final Review – England Inch Closer:

Shadab Khan brought back from just about anywhere, as Pakistan searches for a wicket. Shadab pegs on pad Woakes. And Pakistan is going to their final review with the clock remaining half-a-second. Would’ve missed stump. Pakistan is losing its final Review. On the other hand Yasir Shah bowls. Buttler once again pulls out the reverse sweep, this time for a single. All batsmen are keeping the ball spinning. Pakistan’s game keeps slipping away. After 74 ENG 241/5 need 36 more to win.

Buttler’s Six Turns The Game In The Favour Of England:

Shadab takes Buttler to a top-level. Nearly chips it to deep midwicket but the ball lands just shy of the onrushing fielder again. Now Pakistan is quickly moving through its overs. The second new ball could carry another twist in the tail? England is now in control. Some pressure created by a rut in the scoring with the spinners bowling, but Buttler creams Shadab Khan for the first six in the innings. ENG 252/5 after 77, need 25 more to win

Broad Attacks Shadab:

Given Broad’s promotion, Shadab Khan is continuing. And Wide is tossing him out for four. Sweeps it cleanly for four to square leg cracking shot. David Lloyd was not pleased by Pakistan ‘s decision to spin to Broad for a hit. Earlier in the over, Broad sweeps again with power but that goes to the fielder for one run. After 79 ENG 262/6 need 15 more to win.

New Ball – ENG Need 13 Runs To Win:

Broad also goes for the lavish sweep against Yasir Shah. Woakes, on 71, has now been held off the attack. For the viewpoint of England, not a positive thing to happen. And Yasir Shah’s coming up with a few rippers whizzing past Woakes’ bat. Woakes finishes with a single over. Fast bowlers are loosening up in Pakistan. Time for the second new ball, for sure. After 80 ENG 264/6 need 13 more to win.

8 Runs Come Off Over As Pakistan Go To New Ball:

Shaheen takes the ball for the second time. And his effect is almost instantaneous. Gets Woakes right on to the inside edge of his gloves. The operative word is almost. The ball has done * almost * what Pakistan has needed it to do so many times today. And more anger for Pakistan, with the third umpire calling no ball to a front foot. Woakes hunts a small ball and hacks to get two runs from the third man. And off the fifth ball of the over, there is a boundary. 8 Runs come off the starting line. ENG 272/6, 5 more needed to win

Broad OUT:

The new ball is partnered by Yasir Shah Shaheen. Woakes cuts fast to get Broad back into a strike for a single. And it makes him Yasir Shah! Out is Wide! Hey, Lbw! Yasir ‘s 4th innings wicket. What an ending to this match! Bess blends in with Woakes. ENG 273/7, 4 more needed to win.

Woakes One Shot Away From Winning The Match For England:

Pressure once again in England! Somehow, Bess manages to survive the Yasir Shah. A slight edge in the over, and an lbw appeal. Woakes is on strike again. He will surely be looking to finish the game off. ENG 273/7, to qualify, 4 more.

England Win By 3 Wickets:

Edged from Woakes and run down through slips for four. England will win by three wickets. With 84 *, Woakes is the top scorer in the innings and the England hero. England wins a thriller in the series to go 1-0 up.

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