England Cricketer Complains Of Being Racially Abused During The First Test

Jofra Archer
Image Source: Twitter.com

On Tuesday, New Zealand police were asked to investigate racial abuse directed at England cricketer Jofra Archer during last week’s first Test, following information supplied by officials of New Zealand Cricket. David White, The chief executive of New Zealand cricket said they complained to the police after studying CCTV footage after listening to the audio, interviewing spectators and obtaining material on social media. Jofra Archer has complained of racial abuse during the first Test against New Zealand in Mount Maunganui last week.

Jofra archer complains about being racially abused

In a message on social media, Jofra Archer said it was “disturbing hearing racial insults today whilst battling to help save my team, the crowd has been amazing this week except for that one guy.”

David White said the information gathered by New Zealand cricket did not conclusively identify the person responsible but there was enough evidence to bring the police into the investigation.

“What happened to Jofra archer was reprehensible and has led to a general upscaling of security around the area of racial abuse at all our international venues,” White said.

“Should the person responsible ever re-offend, we believe we have enough information to link him to the Bay Oval incident,” he added.

David White said if the offender was conclusively identified, NZC would seek to ban the person from all of its international venues for a lengthy period.


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