Emotional Mohammad Shahzad Blames ACB For Ruling Him Out Of World Cup With False Allegations

Emotional Mohammad Shahzad Blames ACB For Ruling Him Out Of World Cup With False Allegations
Emotional Mohammad Shahzad Blames ACB For Ruling Him Out Of World Cup With False Allegations
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Afghanistan wicketkeeper-batsman, Mohammad Shahzad was ruled out of the ICC world cup due to his knee injury. He was ruled out from the World Cup squad by the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) due to his injury.

Shahzad had an injury on his left knee during the world cup warm-up clash against Pakistan but after that, he played two games with Australia and Srilanka. Even then the organizers announced that he was ruled out from the world cup before the match with New Zealand on June 8, due to his knee injury.

“I still don’t know why I was ruled unfit when I was fit enough to play. Some people on the board (ACB) have conspired against me. Only manager, doctor and the captain knew that I was going to be replaced. Even the coach (Phil Simmons) found out much later. It was heart-breaking.”

“I had finished my training (ahead of the New Zealand game) and only after I checked my phone, I found out that I have been ruled out of the World Cup due to a knee injury. None of the players in the team bus knew about it and just like me, they were in shock (at the news).” – Mohammad Shahzad

Asadullah Khan, CEO of Afghanistan Cricket Board, told that the team cannot compromise on individual fitness.

“What he is saying is completely wrong. A proper medical report to the ICC was submitted and then only his replacement was announced. The team could not have fielded an unfit player. I understand he is upset at not being part of World Cup anymore but the team could not have compromised on his fitness,” – Asadullah Khan.

Even though he managed to play well in the world cup after his injury in the two matches against Australia and Pakistan, he was shocked by the statement given by ACB.

“I have had knee issues for a while now but it gets fine with a little bit of icing. I took proper rest after the Pakistan warm-up and was fit to play again and I did come back to play the first two games and was looking forward to the New Zealand game until I received the shocking news from my manager.

“Suddenly I was replaced and I had no inkling of that. This is not the way to treat a senior player. Under the current dispensation at ACB, I see more senior players getting a raw deal like I did. I really feel hard done by,” – Shahzad.

Shahzad was feeling very bad about his removal from the game. Both the manager and captain made the decision without even consulting the coach and even team members don’t know about this.

Afghanistan cricket board to hold a press conference tomorrow (12th June 2019) over recent issues blasted in social media regarding team defeats and the injury of Mohammad Shahzad which turned into a drama on social media.


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