ECI Krefeld T10 Full Schedule: Live Score, Teams, Squad lists, Format and Streaming info

ECI Krefeld T10 2023 Full Schedule
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ECI Krefeld T10 Full Schedule, ECI Krefeld T10 2023 Full Schedule, ECI Krefeld T10 2023 Live Score, ECI Krefeld T10 Teams, ECI Krefeld T10 Squad lists, ECI Krefeld T10 Format and Streaming info.

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After the successful completion of the ECS Krefeld T10 2023, the stage is now set for the ECI Krefeld T10, starting September 9.

The ECI Krefeld T10 is going to be a three-team competition and a total of nine matches will be played in the tournament over the course of two days.  

All ECI Krefeld T10 matches will be played at the Bayer Uerdingen Cricket Ground, Krefeld. The competition features five high-voltage games on day one and four games on day two of the contest. 

The contest will be played in a triple round-robin format, with all three teams will play against each other thrice. 

How many teams are participating in ECI Krefeld T10? 

Three teams, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands Xi will be participating in this competition.  

What is the format of ECI Krefeld T10?  

The ECI Krefeld T10 tournament will be played in a triple round-robin format, meaning all teams will face each other thrice in the contest. 

The team who tops the points chart after the nine games will be awarded as the winner of the ECI Krefeld T10. 

Where can I see the Live telecast of ECI Krefeld T10? 

The live streaming of the ECI Krefeld T10 League is available to watch on the Fancode website and app.  

Where can I see ECI Krefeld T10 Live Score?   

You can track live scores and updates on the Stumps and bails website.    

ECI Krefeld T10 Schedule 

Check ECI Krefeld T10 Fixture here: 

DateMatch Details
Germany vs Belgium - 12:45 PM
Germany vs Netherlands XI - 2:45 PM
Netherlands XI vs Belgium - 4:45 PM
Germany vs Belgium - 6:45 PM
Germany vs Netherlands XI - 8:45 PM
Belgium vs Netherlands XI - 12:45 PM
Belgium vs Germany - 2:45 PM
Germany vs Netherlands XI - 4:45 PM
Belgium vs Netherlands XI - 6:45 PM

ECI Krefeld T10 Squad lists 


Adnan Razzaq, Zaki Shah, Ali Raza, Shagharai Sefat, Sherry Butt, Waqas Raja, Burhan Niaz, Khalid Ahmadzai, Muhammad Sulaiman, Murid Ekrami, Omid Rahimi, Ravi Thapliyal, Saber Zakhil, Sajad Ahmadzai. 


Ace Pruss, Muneeb Mubashir, Muslim Ashraf, Rohit Singh, Sajid Liaqat, Shahan Agha, Shahid Afridi, Walter Behr, Ahmadshah Shirzad, Aritharan Vaseekaran, Fayaz Nasserri, Hamid Wardak, Janpreet Singh, Muhammad Asif.

Netherlands XI 

Asad Zulfiqar, Sebastiaan Braat, Sikander Zulfiqar, Stan van Troost, Teun Kloppenburg, Teun Leijer, Udit Nashier, Boris Gorlee, Hidde Overdijk, Kyle Klein, Mees van Vliet, Musa Ahmed, Olivier Elenbaas. 

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