ECB Chief Affirms No Strict Bio-Bubbles For IND Vs ENG Series

ECB Chief Says No Strict Bubble
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It is a big job for any board to perform cricket matches in these terrible pandemic times. Although the players are in strictly bio-safe conditions, the virus looked to be in the camp that had hampered future action. A new aspect to Pakistan has just been revealed when COVID-19 instances were detected in England camp. let’s look at Why ECB Chief Says No Strict Bubble For India-England Series.

The increase of COVID-19 also influenced domestic cricket in England. The number of instances has significantly increased in the last several weeks as the country has lifted restrictions.

Furthermore, Tom Harrison, ECB Executive Chief, indicated that for the India and England Test Series the governing body will not re-impose tough regulations. He said that today we need to compare and learn to live with the COVID-19 circumstances.

“We have to learn to cope with Covid. We’re going to be living with it now for the foreseeable future so mitigation is the word as opposed to prevention. We think we’ve built in enough protocols now just to try and mitigate the impact of frankly inevitable infections”.

“I think that is where we are trying to ensure that we don’t have instances where entire squads are taken out of circulation because of one or two local infections. So we’re working very hard to make sure those protocols are in place for the remainder of the season” Harrison said in an Interview.

ECB Chief Says No Strict Bubble For India-England Series

Players who draw off series indicated bubble exhaustion as a cause have frequently become news. The ECB chief stated, therefore, that in every series or tournament, the well-being and mental health of the players is fundamental. Although there are concerns, he stated that England is preferred for its players to be in a positive spirit.

“We’ve spoken an awful lot to players. We try to work with players to ensure that we can cope with this exceptionally high pressured environment where performance meets health. We have to get that right because if you don’t you lose players. You want them turning up for these ‘most important series’ feeling fantastic about the opportunity to play for their country, or for their team or their teammates.”

At a single positive instance in the camp, everyone in close touch with the player or staff must isolate themselves, even if they return negative. He said that it may lead to the isolation of all of the group if similar things happen in India and England Test Series. Thus, Harrison affirmed its failure to negotiate since Public Health England sets the rules.

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