Dinesh Karthik Found Practicing During Self Isolation

Dinesh Karthik Found Practicing During Self Isolation
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The spread of coronavirus has greatly impacted the lives of people around the world. Not only individuals but also the sports industry have suffered huge losses as tournaments had to be postponed until further notice. Now, the players have no choice but to stay at home and spend time with their family.

COVID-19 also has a negative effect on the IPL, causing it to be suspended. Meanwhile, Kolkata Knight Riders shared a clip in which they can be seen practicing their sipper Dinesh Karthik Shadow and sharing a social awareness message to fans.

The Indian Premier League is set to start on 29 March. However, the BCCI took a strong step following the postponement of the tournament in mid-April. In addition, due to coronavirus outbreaks, it is likely to be postponed for another two months as far as current conditions are concerned. This is a big setback for franchises as they prepare for the tournament as their players take part in pre-season camp.

Dinesh Karthik has found a way to stay in touch with cricket:

Now, after cricket has stopped, cricketers have no choice but to stay at home with their loved ones. Meanwhile, there is Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik, who has found an innovative way to connect with the game until everything is on track. And, Kolkata Knight Riders shared a video for it.

The IPL franchise took on to their official Twitter handle to share a clip in which Karthik was seen practicing shadow. It is common for players to keep themselves in rhythm while away from the game for a while. Meanwhile, he shared some guidelines with fans before carefully protecting themselves from the bullying virus.

He urged his fans to stay at least six feet away, wash their hands regularly and try to stay home as long as possible. According to him, these measures will help them reduce the likelihood of an infectious virus that has taken many lives worldwide. If IPL 2020 gets approval from the BCCI, Karthik and many other famous cricketers will be back in action.

Here Is The Video Of Dinesh Karthik


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