Decided to give everything to cricket for next ten years: Sanju Samson


Sanju Samson, the spectacular batsman of Rajasthan Royals said on Sunday (27-08-2020) that for the past one year, he has been timing the ball quite well but after some things went wrong, he was frustrated. In the last two matches, Sanju Samson smashed 74 and 85 runs very quickly, scored 159 runs at an average of 79.50. after helping the Rajasthan Royals to beat Kings XI Punjab, Samson said “for the last one year, I have been hitting the ball quite well. So I was maintaining my routine and feeling confident. I am happy that I can contribute to winning some matches. I was trying a few things but they were not happening. After being frustrated at trying different things, I had searched in my own soul and worked hard.”


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