CSA Truncates 2020 -21 Domestic Cricket To Ensure Stable Economy


In an official statement, the Cricket South Africa (CSA) on Thursday said, that franchise teams would play almost a third fewer league matches when it came to domestic matches.

As if now, the six sides play to take on each of their opponents once in a home and away round-robin system for both first-class and one-day formats. But this will be changed starting 2020-21 year, as the teams would be divided into two groups, each of the groups having three teams. Each of the teams would take on each of them at home and away and would play each of them only once.

And lastly, the league would be trimmed from having 20 first-class and one day league games to 14.

Reason Behind Truncated League:

Cricket South Africa is in debt due to alleged mismanagement of its past management and to cut down the costs for matches, this has been initiated.

There has been a lot of suspensions, and temporary appointments on the board which has enabled authorities to come up with solutions for these troubled times.

“These new structures were planned in coordination with CSA members and it’s a board of directors. Shuffling in schedule also gives impetus to players to develop skills to play under any format” read an official statement from Chief Executive of Cricket South Africa (CSA) Jacques Faul in a press release.

It is certainly going to be difficult for Cricket South Africa to find sponsors for its current structures, but however, it continues to bank on the support of its stakeholders and believes that this format would certainly make an impact on the shaky economy of the cricket South Africa board.

Coronavirus Infection Continues To Haunt Cricketing Fraternity:

The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Thursday has announced that there would be no international cricket played till June 2020. The new schedule for T20 men’s world cup and other matches would be released once when the situation pertaining to pandemic infection was brought under control.


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