Cricket Should Be Last Priority For Everyone: Ravi Shastri Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Ravi Shastri
Ravi Shastri Is Likely To Get A Salary Hike On His New Contract

Coronavirus Pandemic has shook the complete world. It has brought the lives of all individuals to a standstill, starting from daily chores to the postponement and cancellation of sporting events.

It had a great impact on India and cricket in particular. The pandemic not only caused the midway cancellation of the ODI series between India and South Africa but also pushed the much-awaited 13th edition of the IPL 2020 series to 15th April.

And the rumors which has been doing around the corners is that even if curbs are lifted on 15th April, the IPL is likely to be canceled.

In a recent media statement, Sourav Ganguly had hinted on the tournament to be a truncated one.

Ravi Shastri Welcomes The Decision Of Lockdown:

The Indian cricket team coach Ravi Shashtri on Saturday welcome the 21 lockdown period which was declared by the Indian government. This decision was taken in the light of arresting the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic in the Country.

The lockdown and the suspension of the cricket league amidst a frenzy cricket calendar and left the players with the unexpected periods of a break from cricket.

“I could see that cracks which were creeping into the minds of the players during the New Zealand tour. The physical fitness and mental fatigueness were evident among the players. The lockdown period would not only break the shackles of infection of the country but also enable my boys to introspect and also get back to the game with fresh minds and complete fitness” said Ravi Shastri in an exclusive interview with a leading sports website.

Shastri further said, “Since the Cricketers are public figures it is their responsibility to spread awareness on the ongoing pandemic and ensure the positive vibes are spread during the lockdown period. Cricket should be last on everyone’s mind.”

Safety First: Ravi Shastri

Ravi Shastri said safety in such testing times is important. By ensuring the safety of others through the kind of awareness we create on various platforms is nothing but the duty which we perform as social beings.

Concluding the interview he urged the people to follow the 21 day lockdown period seriously so, that the spread of the infection through COVID 19 is arrested by the medical team in India.


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