Cricket Australia Lucky With Timing Of COVID-19: Nick Hockley

We are grateful to BCCI: CA's Hockley on Australian players' return

A different point of view of Nick Hockley:

Considering Cricket in Australia, Nick Hockley comes with a different perspective and passion. On Tuesday Hockley appointed as the replacement of Kevin Roberts. As the T20 World Cup organizing company head, Nick Hockley had seen how the COVID-19 pandemic destroyed the years of planning for the tournament that is scheduled to be held in the month of October but most probably it will postpone.

Undoubtedly, it has been very annoying for all of us, yet the bigger sight has been coming in these months.

Nick Hockley told AAP that “We have been really lucky that coronavirus pandemic hit Australia in our off-season.”

“All we are also tremendously blessed in Australia. I speak with a family, who are staying in England and there each and everybody knows somebody who has affected by this virus, most of the people know that very well that who passed away.

“And here in Australia, we are thinking about coming back of crowds. Here we feel safe. Undoubtedly all it is a step by step process and takes precautions, but according to me there are a lot of things to think about.”

Critics of Kevin Roberts, mostly the association of the players and dissatisfied state associations, considered him a pessimist and sledge his rejection to talk the game up.

Hockley said in a comparatively optimistic tone:

“It is extremely difficult.. it is regarding making sure that we provide the summer more safely & securely, and trying out best. We are concentrating on all these priorities.”

“Summer is coming very soon. We incurred it to the cricket players, fans, and the whole cricket community to be together. The primary thing I have to do is speed up the things, I have to do a lot of readings too.”

The charted accountant, Hockley is all set to uncover the financial difficulties of Cricket Australia, having been part of it and trying to resolve it.

Nick Hockley loves Australia and met his wife at the time of a stint in Sydney at the accounting organization PWC that concluded when he connected with the London Olympics organizing committee 2012.

After a day, his contract of London 2012 completed, he joined at the Cricket World Cup organizing committee 2015 and since then he worked with Australian cricket.


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