Coronavirus Enforces England To Abandon Handshakes In Sri Lanka: Joe Root

Coronavirus Enforces England To Abandon Handshakes In Sri Lanka: Joe Root
Coronavirus Enforces England To Abandon Handshakes In Sri Lanka: Joe Root

England Players Will Welcome Each Other With Fist Bumps

On Monday, England Captain Joe Root said that to prevent the coronavirus, his players will not be shaking hands with the Sri Lanka players on their Sri Lanka tour.

As the England team is all set to go for their two-Test tour, Joe Root was asked on the coronavirus. He said that England players will welcome each other with fist bumps rather than shaking hands.

The Reason Behind Fist Bumps:

On the recent tour of England to South Africa, during the first Test, England was suffered from different types of gastroenteritis and flu issues.

Joe root noted that “During the South Africa tour, the infections had traveled through the team. That’s why now we all are cautious and know the importance of keeping less contact and our medical team has provided us sensible advice to prevent against the germs and bacteria”.

“In this Sri Lank tour the players are not going to shake hands with each other, rather do a fist bump and we are keeping our hands neat & clean and washing surfaces frequently by the anti-bacterial wipes and gels that have provided in our immunity packs.”

Furthermore, he said that “It is a very critical condition. That’s why, we are in contact with the authorities regularly and will act as suggested, but at this point we expect the tour of Sri Lanka to continue as per the plan”.

Before the Tests in Katunayake, England is going to play two practice games with the Sri Lanka Board Presidents XI on Saturday, which will shape part of the ICC World Test Championship.

Previous Test Match:

Two years ago, England won 3-0 but Joe Root is anticipating a difficult challenge this time.

He said that “Now the condition is a little different as compared to that time. In the last two Test matches, the three games were very near with less than 60 runs.

It was an excellent performance and I personally think that we can take more self-confidence from those matches and get an idea of how to play there”.

“We really appreciate how fantastic a squad they are in their own terms and we’ll discover ourselves up versus a tough challenge.”


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