Clarke, Cartwright’s Power Hitting Set 208 For Brisbane Heat

Brisbane Heat vs Melbourne Stars
Brisbane Heat vs Melbourne Stars I Match Updates
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Joe Clarke 85 off 44 and Hilton Cartwright’s 79 off 44 with their outstanding batting performances enabled Melbourne Stars to set a tough target of 208 for Brisbane Heat. With the exception of the two hitters, no other Stars have demonstrated a good enough strike rate to post even double digits to their name. On the other hand, the Brisbane Heat bowling team were quite consistent in limiting the flow of runs and picking up wickets at crucial times. Steketee’s 3 wickets, Guthrie and Bazley’s couple of wickets, Mujeeb & Kuhnemann’s one wicket apiece kept the game in control to some extent for Heat.

Melbourne Stars Innings 207-9 (20 Overs).

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